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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
The Special Summit of the Americas on January 12th and 13th in Monterrey, Mexico, is taking place on the tenth anniversary of the Zapatista rebellion of 1994. At the time, the Zapatistas denounced the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA between the USA, Canada and Mexico. Ten years later, that opposition is being echoed on the streets and in government palaces, from Venezuela to Brazil to Argentina. And as the Summit process seeks to integrate the hemisphere under a Free Trade Area of the Americas, a rising tide of opposition says that neo-liberal economic policies have created more, not less, inequality and injustice. So with Paul Martin stepping on to the international stage for the first time as Prime Minister at the Summit, counterSpin will debate the issues that pit Washington’s vision of free trade against the growing demand for either a better deal or no deal at all - and what Canada’s position should be.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
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Trade zones are bunk
by An Observer ( on Sunday January 11, @07:20AM (#4547)
User #313 Info
What should Canada do? Well we know with Paul Martin at the helm that is a moot point now. Mr Martin has made it very clear that he intends to do whatever it takes to garner American favour again. How sad.

All of these trade pacts and zones are really nothing more than the elite of the various nations creating deals that guarantee themselves access to rape and pillage economic resources like the locusts they are.

The only trade deal that should be implemented should be a global deal that guarantees people anywhere on the globe will be paid the same, so a worker in China making a Nike shoe gets paid the same as a US citizen would for this same work. We also need to ensure that all nations invest in ecological protection by blocking all exports from countries that do not comply with international laws for environmental protection.

The poor nations of the world would not be exempt from this but the rich nations that became rich by pillaging the world would provide the money to help these poorer nations become compliant with international standards (which of course are woefully inadequate as the rich drew those up with profitability in mind.)

Is this fantasy? Of course it is, but I couldn't help posting this. Rich nations need to keep poor nations poor. Do you really think the western powers want to see poorer nations gain any real trading power? Of course not, we want access to these markets so our big companies can go there and take over even more. Really a very pathetic statement on the social evolution of our species.

Take the time to question things for yourself, all things.
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Fair Trade/Free Trade
by JimJohnson on Tuesday January 13, @06:24AM (#4586)
User #413 Info
I would wish that Mr. Martin would try to carve out a more healthy trade position relative to all of the countries sharing the Western Hemisphere. Canada should be distancing itself from the "Free" trade concept which has proven itself to be a disaster for Canada, the US, and Mexico... at least if one is just a citizen and not a corporate mogul.

As a nation, we should be promoting the constant improvement of living standards everywhere, but never losing sight of the effects of global conditions on our own citizens first. Over the last decade, we have definitely taken our collective eye off the ball, and allowed the corporate agenda to take over. It is time to step back from the brink, stop the "race to the bottom" concept of trade and act as if the fate of the planet depended on "fairness" rather than short-term profitability.

I have little hope that Mr. Martin will do anything other than try to pick up where Brian Mulroney left off.
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And in this corner....!
by Dubya on Tuesday January 13, @04:18PM (#4590)
User #1827 Info
And in this corner....One schill who supports a capatilistic democratic perspective, and in the other corner, 50 people who bash American economic policy....Our SPONSORS for this evening, the Canadian taxpayer! Yeaaaaa! Clap, clap!
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Ya Basta!
by LninYo on Wednesday January 14, @03:23PM (#4599)
User #164 Info
Happy 10th! The revoloution will be IM'd!!

No good deed ever goes unpunished
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by derk on Wednesday January 14, @04:04PM (#4600)
User #1826 Info
If you take into account the history that the U.S. has in Latin America (with full knowledge by Canada's government and the rest of the G8),how can anyone honestly say that a freetrade agreement throughout the Americas will help anyone but the rich and powerful.This agreement will make it very easy for large corporations to totally exploit the people and lands of Latin and South America,not that that has'nt already happened.
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CanCon Smokescreen
by Crammed on Wednesday January 14, @05:08PM (#4602)
User #349 Info
Is counterSpin TRYING to make exponentially more boring? This episode was even harder to watch, although just about as funny, as the New Year's "special".

It's nice to see the focus of the program move away from "America is evil and the source of all of the world's problems". But this was still a show about making excuses to give a voice to ultra-Leftist ideology on the CBC.

Paul Martin was only mentioned so that Canadian content requirememnts would be satisfied. The only time that Canada was a serious focus of the conversation, the discussion about what Canada should do and what that would mean for Cantral and Latin America. What about what it would mean for Canada? It doesn't make sense to talk about strategy and only discuss the benefit to one side.
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Something for Jojo
by Protest Warrior on Thursday January 15, @11:54AM (#4619)
User #1859 Info
Here's an animation for you: []
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Summit/"Free Trade"
by angelo on Monday January 19, @03:56PM (#4657)
User #1863 Info
As a Latin American, I would ask everyone to stop blaming U.S. policy for all the shortcomings in the region.

If Latin America is to succeed in the future, the first thing we need to do is stop acting like children and take responsibility for the past.

After having lived in North America for many years, I have to say that exploitation and injustices are just as prevalent here as in other parts of the world...only a little bit more subtle.

I also think that North Americans (as a people) have no serious control of their political destiny since all important decisions regarding economic and foreign policy are made by a select elite (much like in South America). Alas, there are more similarities than differences in spite of what the media leads us to believe.

I don't have clear solutions just a very good suggestion: do not start to throw rocks when we all live in glass-houses.

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