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PakistanĀ“s greatest ever filmstar hero Waheed Murad became a "Super Star" from romantic film "Arman". He was Producer, Writer and Hero of many remarkable melodious films. A successful combination of famous team of Star Waheed Murad, Director Perwez Malik, Poet Masroor Anwar, Musician Sohail Rana and great playback singer Ahmad Rushdi , made greatest success stories in Pakistan's film industry. Waheed Murad mesmerized Pakistani nation during 60's & 70's more than anyone before or after. He is considered to be evergreen chocolate hero of Pakistan's silver screen history. And he was the first Rock n' Roll dancing star in subcontinent. His hip-hop rock n' roll numbers like 

  • 'Kokokorina', 
  • 'Tumhein kese bata dun tum meri manzil ho', 
  • 'Aey ajnabi zara soch lo', 
  • 'Socha tha pyar na karen ge', 
  • '3 chairs for bhabhi hip hip hurray',

plus many more still today gives the joy of 60's original Rock n' Roll saga.

Waheed Murad's carrier and life resembles a lot to legendary Elvis Presley. His earlier success, 60's rock n' roll wave, nation's most mesmerizing personality, greatest fame and then sudden fall and tragic death. Both celebrities walked the same lines of life.

He acted in 123 feature films and earned 32 film awards. He is still loved by Pakistani nation as the best entertaining artist even today after 1983 the year he died. This web site is the official tribute and an effort to bring him alive again on net for the generation to come to know about the thrill and mesmerism this great artist gave to millions of his fans all around the world. 

Waheed Murad will live in the hearts of generations as long as ever.



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