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[Also referred to as GMC #69]
[Also referred to as SS C/S #13]


OT 40+, OT 8+


More on "Last Time Around" & BST.
Rings 9999 & 10,000

19 Sept 86

  1. The games cycle went from this GUM to the 1st GUM in the Ring, but 1/2 around it - eliminating the "R-factors" GUMS in that CCC. (R-factors for the Ring).
  2. Then all 24 CCCs were done again and back to this one in the middle of the last CCC in the Ring. (Emergency GUM)
  3. The remaining + 12 GUMS in the ring were never played properly - the upper Conditions GUMS were falsified because Xenu had taken over the "Tech" and made "Black Statics" who were in a state that prevented Perception & thus As-is-ness of anything back of Ring 9999.
  4. Thus the 1st 2 Postulates - U0, U-1, U-2, U-3, and the 9,998 Ring Archives were still unavailable to those who did not escape to the GP and get cleaned up by EE & his own tech staff.
  5. The "game" was said to have ended in a "draw", not fully completed - there was more to get out of it - so "lets do it again" - one more time around the Ring to determine the Winners. (Whether it was to be everyone or just Xenu!)
  6. When we got around to the "Game of Gods" at the beginning of this GUM. (on CCC 24 of the Ring), there was still old-, grey-, solid MEST in the Physical Universe - from LTA - that had never been taken responsibility for, as Xenu had politically controlled the Tech LTA and the Black Static Processes do not aim at taking responsibility for your own part of creation - they rather try to make one "own all".
    (The GP did do more correct processes LTA)
  7. The real reason is that Xenu was afraid that if the f qns got woken and in comm, his whole Pre-I and other storage & experimental areas would be found out.
  8. So, this time around, he suppresses any processes that may get that data available - the most notable being Power Processes, and of course any idea that the Nots BTs are organized into plugs designed by him. So Excalibur is the road out, not patty-cake "Who-What" Nots.
  9. This also explains the position of OT13 above OT12, although in 12 one handles s from several GUMS back, the 2nd Session of 13 frees also the dumped MOCOs from LTA - Ring 9999!
  10. So if a pOT runs into a very-solid-dead-grey mass that won't "wake up", it probably is an LTA mass, and he is working it too close to PT. It must be intended "LTA" for the commands to impinge - or PrPr 4, 5, 6 must be run.
  11. Ron's Org C/Ses should know this data as well as the Tape 12, BST Packs, and other C/Sing points of OT 8-16.
  12. This time around we complete the cycle properly - for all. And we leave no "dumpings" or un-as-ised particles or un-freed qns or MOCOs - Thanks to Ron!

Sr C/S Ron's Org.