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Scaterd Few
Grandmother's Spaceship
Jackson Rubio Recordings
With all the alien/outerspace craze today I haven't seen a punk-rock group that has taken that novelty and run with it. Until now. Grandmother's Spaceship has several references to aliens, the cyber-age and other extra-terrestrial things. Of course most of the lyrics are still very Christ centered. Complete with that metallic spaceship look, the packaging looks like it should be out of some sci-fi movie. The music still has that Scatered Few sound to it, but with more incorporated. Samples, keyboards, and weird effects set this apart from other cookie cutter punk rock. It's about time someone tried something different in that genre.


First published in Cornerstone Magazine (ISSN 0275-2743), Vol. 28, Issue 115 (1998), pg. 58.
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