Twilight Extended

Twilight Extended is a collection of instrumentals written and recorded by my new age/space music alter ego, Bernard Waschman. Massage magazine describes Twilight Extended as a "well-titled, trance-inducing album . . . [g]ood for contemplating sunsets, massage, healing, movement or romantic moments."

Here are some AIFF excerpts you can listen to:

"Twilight Extended" (351KB).Click here for the WAV version if you have a PC (338KB).

"New Rub" (286KB).WAV version (273KB).

"After a Storm" (260KB).WAV version (247KB).

"Tone Two" (325KB).WAV version (325KB).

"Harp Sketch" (429KB).WAV version (416KB).

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All compositions 1996 Bernard Waschman.

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