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david m deLeon

david m deLeon's work has appeared on several telephone poles and on flyers hidden in free newspaper dispensers.  He enjoys open windows and defenestration.

    by david m deLeon


she knew the colors
i had left in me, things
unscraped from the dark sides
of mind, carefully
extracted each and looked
with cold fingers on my
casualties, a disc

the color of cream rises.
some Selene, some bright thing
saved for winter, for maternity.
a silence weaned on midnights,
violence of geese flocking
that flee, they flee.

young as birth, round as fear,
white as the loss of identity
slow like wishes
bright as night can be.

bare in the light, the colors seep
to a star-dotted sea.

glow and shadow all thats left
of me

shadow and glow a broken me or a