The Q.I.C. Strogg Building  
S t r o g g  B u i l d i n g
by DAV
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Even though the author only spent a total of 2 days building this map, there's lots of space to run around in. Your mission is to put six of your fellow marines out of their misery, since the Strogg are conducting lab experiments on them. Having been dropped into the building, you're on your own. When mission has been accomplished, find a teleporter and exit.

The rooms in this .bsp tend to be towards the larger scale, and very little detail has been incorporated, with the exception of a couple of offices that come with chairs and shelves. One Truck prefab has been used, and you can see it in the right screenshot above, and it carries a grenade launcher. Connecting the rooms together are extremely long corridors that look the same, so you'll have to be careful not to get lost. A few rooms are dead ends, the reward for visiting them is sometimes health or a weapon. It seems little time has been spent on lighting, in fact there are few areas with a light color other than white. There's a room called the warehouse which is oddly enough lit with a green light that really seems out of place.

The monsters inside the map are easy to deal with, I found the super shotgun quite quickly and had no trouble with the Gunners and Berserkers walking the corridors. The chaingun, hyperblaster and railgun are pretty easy to find, and after that it's more or less a walk in the park. The only thing that may take some of the fun out of this experience is finding out where to go next. The mission consists of five goals of the ordinary type: "find key" and such, and they are neatly presented via the F1 computer.

Little or no slowdown, since a limited number of textures have been used, and easy to kill resistance will make this map run very smooth and the "fun factor" is actually quite high. The architecture however is not anything you'll remember, very boxy and too large rooms with no detail. Another thing that would have made it a bit more enjoyable is that the button for eliminating the marines should have been placed near them, so that the player could see when the elimination took place, perhaps through a window, instead of an on-screen message.

I had a pretty fun time playing this map, mainly because I didn't have to worry about saving the game all the time. That's how easy I found it. More work on architecture, lighting and enemy balance (well, that's pretty much covers everything about map design, I know) and it would have gotten a higher rating.

*DM = Deathmatch / CO = Cooperative / DS = Difficulty Settings / NS = New Sounds / NG = New Graphics / NM = New Music