The Q.I.C. Caves  
C a v e s
by DAV
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I had never heard of this guy before I downloaded the map, so I didn't quite know what to expect. I was kind of worried it would be another map of poor standard, but as it turned out, this map is pretty good. The story is very thin, as you start off in the middle of the street and the only way to proceed is to jump down a slime well. From there, your mission is to find a red key that will open the exit for you.

Architecture is fairly simple and somewhat two-dimensional. A couple of underground caves are very large and look pretty impressive when you first enter, and the dark lighting add to the "cave" atmosphere. Two prefabs have been used in the making of this .bsp, one being a turret by EutecTic. There's a simple way to take out the monster driving it, and if that particular approach is used, it takes the "bite" out of that otherwise "hard-to-kill" enemy. Colored lights have been used as they should: two or three colors at a time, no more.

When it comes to weapons, you're equipped with the lighter shotgun and then move up to heavier power; just as one would expect. The super shotgun was given to me rather early on, and being my favourite Q2 weapon, gameplay was pretty easy once I got it. Plenty of ammo was lying around, so Enforcers, Gunners and Berserkers that were the main part of the resistance were killed off easily. I thought the placement of the key required to finish the map was a bit strange; it was just placed at the end of a ledge. It would have been a nice touch if it could have been dropped from a monster as you killed it, or some other achievement that the key was a reward for. And, if you're familiar with grenade jumping or rocket jumping, there's a shortcut to it that significantly shortens the mission.

There's no area with jerkiness, in some areas though the r_speeds go above 1000. These days however that shouldn't be a problem since almost every gamer owns a power machine. As far as the map itself goes, you'll always know where to go and what to do, simply because there is only one way to go. Little room is left for exploring; however there are two secrets built in, I myself only managed to find one of them.

A fine effort from this author that surely has some game design capabilities, a couple of other maps (for other 3D games) can be found at his own page (see URL in .zip). Nothing extremely fancy, but good clean Q2 fun for a little while.

*DM = Deathmatch / CO = Cooperative / DS = Difficulty Settings / NS = New Sounds / NG = New Graphics / NM = New Music