The Q.I.C. Teleportation System Complex  
T e l e p o r t a t i o n  S y s t e m
C o m p l e x
by DAV
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This author keeps producing maps, and that is an encouraging thing to see. The story in this map is a bit thin, but solid storylines are scarce when it comes to Q2, arent they? It's a follow-up on the last map called Strogg Towers, and this one has more variation in appearance, thus leading to a less theme-inspired feeling.

When it comes to size this map is pretty big, lots of space to run around in. One dead end where the player has to back track for quite a while through areas already visited, but since monsters keep spawning with an added, characteristic sound (that I happen to like), it works fine since there's always Strogg to kill. Some of the stuff I thought felt a bit cheap is the "copy-and-paste" hallways in the first part of the map (forming an S kind of layout), and it could have been left out.

The positive effect of this is more areas to explore. Not very much vertical design, but still pretty enjoyable. The lighting is too dark in quite a few room; even in two outside areas it was hard to the surroundings properly. It's possible the author intended the setting to be night-like though.

You're up against quite a large number of enemies, but the resistance never gets impossible, and there's sufficient amounts of health lying around in order for the mission to be pretty easy. Sometimes the spawning of monsters right in front of you might come as a surprise, but the it never gets annoying. There's really only two combat situations that may seem a bit over-the-top, but armed with plenty of grenades the first one can be solved quite easily (perhaps a bit tedious), and the second one might require some more skill.

It took me about 25 minutes to play through on hard, and I managed to get myself killed about five times during that time, due to the fact that I used the carnage approach instead of being cautious. Game is very fluent, there are no slow or boring parts, and the technical aspect is very good, r_speeds are low throughout the entire map, average is about 400 and I didn't see it go over 600 in my brief test run.

Another fine map with lots of action from this author, and I can recommend a download.

*DM = Deathmatch / CO = Cooperative / DS = Difficulty Settings / NS = New Sounds / NG = New Graphics / NM = New Music