The Q.I.C. Strogg Towers  
S t r o g g  T o w e r s
by DAV
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This author just keeps the maps coming, doesn't he? Here's a fine piece of work called Strogg Towers, with a story that really helps the feel of the mission. The Strogg have invented a teleport system that they can use without telepads. In other words, they might pop up just where they want. Your mission is to get the CD that holds the secret of their new system and escape with it.

The map has kind of a different layout from most maps, as you travel along walkways between the buildings while achieving the goals you're supposed to. The author have found a texture combination that fits well together, and he sticks with it throughout the entire map. It really feels like it's night in Strogg town, in places the lighting is almost too dark, but only almost.

There are five secrets of which I found four, and they are just the type of secrets that I like, very subtle but still findable. Monsters have been places with care, although I only had minor problems with staying alive, once when fighting two Tanks and one Tank Commander at the same time, but after studying the terrain it was quite easy to kill them.

The teleport system adds to the mission, and you won't find it annoying when the Strogg appear from nowhere; there's both a sound and a short flash before they materialize, so you'll have a short time to prepare for the action. Plenty of health and ammo is lying around, so there'll be no worries about running out of it.

Unfortunately, the r_speeds are too high when the player is outdoors, over 1000 most of the time, so low end users will undoubtedly experience jerkiness. But the mission mainly takes place inside the different buildings, so once there the fighting should be smooth, since the detail level and number of textures have been kept to a minimum.

I had more fun playing this map than I've had for a while. Mostly because there is little thought activity required, and there's lots of Strogg to frag. The nice scenery also helped, and since I've upgraded from a P100 to a P3 500, I experienced no slow areas whatsoever. It didn't take long to complete it, just over 25 minutes, but nevertheless I had fun. Get this map today.

*DM = Deathmatch / CO = Cooperative / DS = Difficulty Settings / NS = New Sounds / NG = New Graphics / NM = New Music