The Q.I.C. Strogg Starship  
S t r o g g  S t a r s h i p
by DAV
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Another small map from this author, and the quality is pretty much the same. This time your mission is to place a bomb on a cargo space ship and then leave.

Compared to other maps from this guy, some things in his design skills have improved. The detail level is better than his previous work, and the size of the rooms are somewhat more down-to-earth. In the beginning of the map, you are onboard a small vessel that docks with the large ship. Due to the large distance in "space" the Q2 engine doesn't draw parts of the ship, so it kind of looses the grand feeling it could've had. Once aboard the area where the cargo (grates) are stored actually look decent (top right), but when exploring the rest of the ship, the architecture is just average. The ship has three decks, and they look almost the same, so it almost gets confusing when running around. Lighting technique is good, a couple of control rooms look good (top left).

There isn't much to say about the item placement, there are only two weapons abord the ship and you will find the first as you climb aboard. In five or six small personnel resting rooms you'll find ammo and health, and a couple of ammo storage rooms have shelves with shootable glass, where you can grab some more ammo. There aren't many enemies, so if you die once during this mission, you are probably using the keyboard when playing, or you are new to the Q2 scene. More monsters would have prolonged the mision, but in the current state, it's much too easy.

Very smooth indeed. That's how this tiny map will run, but nobody would expect anything else with r_speeds never reaching 600. OK, right in the beginning they're up to 900+, but only for half a second. Otherwise the flow is good, but the game may come to a halt if you can't figure out what to do when the bomb has been placed. And there is a possibility to become lost, the decks look similar; one good thing though: the are numbered from one to three, so if you check back to the stairs connecting them, you'll see which one you're on.

Don't get your hopes up too high, after all it is a small map, but if you've played some of this authors other maps, this one belongs to the top of his achievements. Just can't get enough SP experience? By all means, get this one. If you're looking for excellent looks and combat, seek elsewhere.

*DM = Deathmatch / CO = Cooperative / DS = Difficulty Settings / NS = New Sounds / NG = New Graphics / NM = New Music