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Jennifer Lopez

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Jennifer Lopez - ''J To Tha L-O!''
(Monday March 25, 2002 3:12 PM )

Released on 25/03/2002
Label: Epic

The stupidly titled 'J To Tha L-O!' recently made US chart history by being the first remix album to top the billboard - its collection of reworked hits-so-far (all seven of them) obviously appeals to people who like to buying the same thing several times, especially as it follows fairly warm on the heels of the updated 'Special edition' of J-Lo a few months back.

Seeing as several million people already have the last album - and the general consensus being that it was no classic - it's frightening to see just how much little madam Lopez is getting away with.

Not all the transformations work, the original of 'Play' is a work of genius with J-Lo giving it all 'future' in her ankle-high Blahniks, but the Sack International mix is a mismatch of beats trying too hard and mucking up the fluidity of the original. Unlike Hex's Momentous Radio Mix of 'Waiting For Tonight', changing the light disco of the original into a tops-off trance stomper.

Dark Child's mix of 'If You Had My Love' is only of use if you're engaged in an R&B producer related a-shot-of-vodka-each-mention drinking game, and not even the added "bonus" of four Spanish sung tunes can placate the horror of the ghast-up of the Gloria Estefan written 'Let's Get Loud'.

It's only the Ja Rule assisted 'I'm Real' and 'Ain't It Funny', that makes something vaguely special out of the original versions, Jen'd be better off just hooking up with him for good and they could become a Cristal-sipping, foulmouthed and bling-blinging Sonny & Cher.

J-Lo is a beautiful, talented woman with a fairly ordinary voice, outweighed by delusional demands and a hugely inflated ego. One can't help thinking that your money would be better off spent on The Streets, rather than giving these "artists" even more excuse to fleece the fans.

    by Ian Wade

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