Lawrence W. Guzzino
29 Roosevelt Street
Watsonville, California 95076
(831) 728-0811
Educational Experience:
Sept 2004  Working on CCNA certification, Linux System Administration, Linux Networking and Security
Cabrillo College, Aptos and Extensive Home Lab
-Able to Install, Configure, Maintain, Win/Linux Servers, Routers, Printers, Samba
-Knowledge and use of RH Linux, various distros, Win2K/Server/XP/9x, multi-boot configurations
-Extensive hardware experience, building, configuring computers. Able to install drives (sata, ide, scsi)
-Complete system builds from scratch: motherboards, ram, video, CDRW, DVD, OS, and application software
-Fundamental knowledge OSI, TCPIP, bridging, switching, routing, DSL configurations, and NAT
-Experience Installing, Configuring Consumer Wireless Networks and locking them down from intruders
-Able to install Intrusion Detection Systems, Snort, and Acid
-Video Editing experience, ripping, burning
-Basic HTML and simple web page design
-Have coded utilities in C, SAS, PLI
Aug. 1992  M.S. Degree - Mathematics
California State University, Fresno
GPA (3.80/4.00) Thesis written in area of numerical computation, approximation theory, and non-linear boundary
value problems applied to math and engineering problems.
Dec 1989  B.A. Degree - Applied Mathematics
California State University, Fresno
Relevant course work: numerical analysis, differential equations, linear and matrix algebra, mathematical modeling, programming,
logic, philosophy, physics, chemistry, English, humanities. Completed actuary exam #1. Team member national math modeling
competitions; published research paper.

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Work Experience:
Current to Jul 94
Scientific Programmer / Analyst - CTB McGraw-Hill , Statistical Analysis Dept. Monterey, CA
Develop statistical software in SAS, C, Pascal, and PLI by converting psychometric specifications, statistical and mathematical
algorithms into source code. Ensure timeliness and accuracy of statistical results and software by performing quality assurance.
Document/maintain programs, computer job steps and project details. Assist team with hardware/software problems.
Platforms: MVS / JCL / TSO / ISPF,DOS, Win9x, NT, and IBM 390 Mainframe.
Tools: SAS (10 years exp.), Base SAS, SAS Macro, C, PLI, Excel, MVS, Win9x, ODBC, TCP/IP, debuggers, FTP.
Main Duties: Consult with researchers to ensure statistical results, develop project plans, flow charts, language
implementations, write code, support research staff and programmers in department with hardware and software problems, create
reports, interface with several departments to understand user requirements, create SAS output accessible from several platforms
and programs, maintain thorough documentation for all programs, projects, and work flows, manage several large programming
projects simultaneously, provide QA, and develop utilities in various languages.
Jul. 94 to Jan 94
Instructor/Tech Support - Productivity Point International - Health Care Automation Fresno, CA
Field service included installing/configuring hardware/software (Windows platform) and training users. Taught courses in Excel, Lotus,
Quattro Pro, Word, WordPerfect, Windows, and DOS. Developed macros and performed tech support duties at customer site and via telephone.
Jan 94 to Jun 93
Actuarial Assistant - National American Life Insurance Company Fresno, CA
Developed spreadsheets, macros, and reports to analyze financial and actuarial data using Lotus. Knowledge of
financial blue book.
Dec 93 to Jan 87
Math Teacher - Kings River CC and CSUF Math Department
Math, Chem, and Physics Tutor - CSUF Math Lab
Additional Experience: Worked on offshore drilling rigs as a roughneck and roustabout. Offshore supply vessels - AB Seaman,
Oiler, Junior Engineer, Stationary Engineer - Steam & Diesel - US and world travel.  Construction worker. Door to door and telephone
sales. Able to improvise and teachable.
Languages- Base SAS (10   years exp.), SAS Macro, PLI, C, Pascal, Delphi, some VB, and spreadsheet programming.
Operating Systems - Extensive use of MVS/TSO/ISPF, JCL, DOS, Win9x/NT/2K/XP, pico Novell, Linux, NOS, networking
Interests: Backpacking, climbing, words, comedy, people's story's, rocks, running, how things work, computer graphics, security, networking.