Jun Style by Matsumoto Jun

November 14, 2004   

"The other day....on November 2, the staff and cast from West Side Story went to have a drink together, including our Leader, Satoshi-kun too. (He called Ohno-kun 'Satoshi-kun' !!! that's improving!!) Then when the clock turned 12:00, Leader immidiatly said "Ah .... it's now November 3 and it's the day Arashi released the debut CD" (laugh) He was drinking when he said that. He sounded like a real leader (laugh)

Anyway, on November 3, we filmed D no Arashi and we also got the cake from the staff too. Do you realize that Nov 3 is a national holiday? That's because it's Arashi's debut day so everyone has a holiday. Well. If you looked at the calendar, it said "Culture Day" but actually Arashi's debut had became somewhat the Nation's culture so they tended to write it down like that. Also, we (Arashi members) felt embarrassed so we asked them not to put the real reason on the calendar (!!!!!! Jun-kun uso tsukunaide!... ok, people THAT is not true!!!)

I'd like to talk a bit about our best album 5x5 which will was on sale on November 10. There will be DVD attached to the limited edition too. When I watch it, I have 2 feelings. One thing I feel that 5 years-time is such a long time. But I also think that the time is quite short. Personally, I think that we can't sell records during our first year. If I am the customer, I won't like Arashi 5 years ago (laugh) I'm sorry to say this especially sorry to the fans who like us since the start. But this is my true feeling. I watched the promotional VDO and even thought "I was totally helpless that time!!" From the PV of Kimi no take ni Boku ga Iru to Pikanchi Double, I changed a lot. How come I can be that interesting! In Taiphoon Generation, Nino's hair looked funny fu fu fu fu (laugh) He looked like a gangster and that was interesting. I'm sorry, I have to say sorry to the PV director Mr.Takeuchi too!! I always like the PV of Nice na Kokoroiki and Pikanchi PV is cool too. Kotobayori is also good. That was the song for Nino's drama Stand Up, wasn't it? The corroboration of the PV and the drama was good....thatfs all about it....

How come Jun-kun talked about Nino all the time ~ (*_*)