Georgia Routes 241-260
SR 241
Counties Passed Through: Decatur
Total Mileage: 5 (7)
Northern Terminus: Originally in Attapulgus at US 27.  This road may have been extended further north when US 27 was relocated around Attapulgus and the old alignment became US 27 Business.
Southern Terminus: Florida State Line (FL 65)
SR 242
Counties Passed Through: Washington, Jefferson
Total Mileage: 24
Non-Multiplexed Mileage: 21
Western Terminus: SR 88 west of Sandersville
Eastern Terminus: SR 78/171/US 221/US 319 in Bartow four miles west of Wadley
Background Notes: Recently a SR 242 Spur was created in Sandersville.  This road, also known as Saffold Road N connects to a strange multiplex where SR 242 and SR 24 follow the same route to end at SR 88.  SR 242 Spur ends into SR 24/242 just shy of SR 88 resulting in an intersection plagued with signage errors.  In fact, it extends from SR 24 three miles west of Sandersville and extends to a county road that is less than 2 miles from SR 15 and the eastern terminus of SR 242.
SR 243
Counties Passed Through: Wilkinson, Baldwin
Total Mileage: 18
Multiplexed US Routes: US 441 Business
Southern Terminus: SR 18 in Gordon
Northern Terminus: SR 22/24 (Montgomery St.) in Milledgeville
Background Notes: SR 243 originally only consisted of the 14 mile portion south of US 441.  It was extended along Old SR 29/Old US 441 into Downtown Milledgeville when US 441 was relocated to a by-pass to the west.  The old alignment of US 441 is now a multiplex of SR 243 and US 441 Business.
SR 244
This route has it's own page.
SR 245
Counties Passed Through: Fannin
Total Mileage: 9
Current Route Number: SR 60
Southern Terminus: SR 60 in Mineral Bluff (now the intersection of SR 60 and SR 60 Spur)
Northern Terminus: Intersection of SR 5 and Tenn. SR 68 in McCaysville
Background Notes: SR 245 was changed to SR 60 in 1977.  The SR 60 alignment into North Carolina was changed to SR 60 Spur.  This is another case of Georgia changing matched numbers at a state line.  See another map showing SR 245 on the SR 2 page.      
SR 245 (1976 GDOT Map)
SR 246
SR 247
Counties Passed Through: Pulaski, Houston, Bibb
Multiplexed US Routes: US 129, US 41
Total Mileage: 43 (appx.)
Southern Terminus: SR 11/US 341 two miles northwest of Hawkinsville
Northern Terminus: SR 87/US 23 in Macon
Background Info: SR 247 first appeared around 1950 as a new alternate route to SR 11 south of Macon.  SR 247 originally terminated into SR 11/US 341 five miles east of Perry.  That section was briefly decommissioned in 1959 when a new 14 mile extension was built from the old route to north of Hawkinsville.  It was soon restored around 1960 as SR 247 Spur.  This SR 247 Spur connects SR 247 six miles south of Bonaire through Pabst to SR 11 in Houston County.  Other changes came in 1976 when US 129 was relocated from its multiplex with US 23 to the east to SR 247 where it still is today.  SR 11 also joined a larger portion of the route in 1982 when it was moved from Houston Avenue.  Even more importantly, another child of relatively short SR 247, SR 247 Connector first appeared in the early 1970's and was extended west of I-75 in 1977 connecting SR 247 in Warner Robbins to SR 49 four miles southwest of Byron.
SR 248
Counties Passed Through: Washington, Hancock
Total Mileage: 15
Southern Terminus: SR 102 north of Warthen
Northern Terminus: SR 16 in Jewell
Background Notes: Decommissioned 1982.  Hamburg State Park was the only logic for this route's existance.
SR 248 (1981 GDOT Map)
SR 249
Counties Passed Through: Hall, Lumpkin
Total Mileage: 11
Current Route Numbers: SR 60, SR 60 Business, US 19, US 19 Business
Southern Terminus: Old SR 115 (Old Dahlonega Hwy) in Murrayville
Northern Terminus: SR 9 Business, SR 52 Business in Dahlonega
Background Notes: When SR 249 was first created, it was the "New Dahlonega Highway", replacing muddy SR 115 and SR 52, the former recently decommissioned and now known as "Old Dahlonega Highway", as the only state maintained route from Gainesville to Dahlonega.  This is not to say that another more primitive road preceded SR 249 as evidenced by a remaining steel truss bridge seen along the route.  SR 249 as a new route followed what later became a southward extension of SR 60.  Previously, SR 115 took up the rest of what is now SR 60 southward to end in Gainesville.  SR 249 was renumbered in the mid to late 1950's.
SR 249 in 1954
SR 250
This route has its own page.
SR 251
Counties Passed Through: McIntosh
Local Names: Briardam Road, Cox Road
Total Mileage: 13
Southern Terminus: SR 25/US 17 north of Darien
Northern Terminus: SR 57 in Townsend
Background Notes: SR 251 originally consisted of a state highway spur that begin at the same location in Darien and extended westward as it does now.  However, instead of turning northward to Townsend, the route continued to Cox where state maintenance ended, as shown in the map below.  In fact, SR 251 continued as a spur until 1977 when it was relocated to its present route, which is two miles longer than the original route.  The gray line between SR 251 and Townsend is the present SR 251.  Also note the railroad passing through Cox.  That has since been abandoned and is now the location of a smooth, but significant hump that when hit at high speeds can be quite fun.
SR 251 (1967 GHD Map)
SR 252
Counties Passed Through: Charlton, Camden
Total Mileage: 24
Western Terminus: SR 40 two miles east of Folkston
Eastern Terminus: SR 25/US 17 in Whiteoak
Background Notes: The original western terminus of SR 252 was actually at the seven-route multiplex that includes US 1.  That would seem like the logical route, but this changed in 2001 when the easternmost portion of the very briefly commissioned SR 40 Connector (a year or less) became the new alignment of SR 252.  There are two reasons this is interesting: first, it only succeeded at moving a state highway from the shortest and best route and secondly, the road it was routed to was originally numbered CR 252!
SR 253
Counties Passed Through: Seminole, Decatur, Baker
Total Mileage: 45
Local Names: Spring Creek Road, Newton Road
Southern Terminus: Lake Seminole 26 miles west of Bainbridge
Northern Terminus: SR 91 thirteen miles east of Colquitt (Hoggard Mill community)
Background Notes: SR 253 was one route that ends at a lake that was not affected by a lake.  In fact, it came into existance around the time that Lake Seminole was filled.  It originally consisted of a the portion between SR 91 and Bainbridge and a spur from Bainbridge to the backwaters of Spring Creek on Lake Seminole totalling about 33 miles.  Around the same time, SR 39 was extended south much further to the west to end at the lake.  Eventually, a bridge was built over Spring Creek and the two routes joined in the late 1950's.  The result of this union is that SR 253 took over the portion of SR 39 extending to the lake and SR 39 was relocated straight ahead ending just across from the eventual site of Seminole State Park.  So essentially, a whole number of state highways join in the same area just to dead end into a lake.  Also, SR 253 Spur connects to SR 38/US 84 west of Bainbridge.  This spur was originally SR 253 itself with the existing portion of SR 253 connecting SR 253 Spur to US 27 Business as SR 253 Spur instead.
SR 254
SR 255
Counties Passed Through: White, Habersham
Local Names: Blue Creek Church Road (South Section)
Total Mileage: 13
Multiplexed Routes: SR 17
Southern Terminus: SR 115 east of Cleveland
Northern Terminus: SR 197 in Batesville
Background Notes: SR 255 is actually two roads spliced together with a multiplex along SR 17.  It is also a strange road in that it has an alternate route, SR 255 Alt, which is actually shorter and better than the parent route.  However, SR 255 passes through a scenic and historic community of Sautee, justifying the routing.  The southern portion along Blue Creek Road is 5 miles south of the northern portion and 3 miles south of SR 255 Alt.  One of Georgia's most unusual highways.
SR 256
Counties Passed Through: Colquitt, Worth
Total Mileage: 20
Southern Terminus: SR 35/US 319 in Norman Park (Pop. 711)
Northern Terminus: SR 33 in Sylvester
SR 257
Counties Passed Through: Dougherty, Worth, Crisp, Dooly, Wilcox, Pulaski, Bleckley, Dodge, Laurens
Total Mileage: 66*
Multiplexed Routes: SR 11, SR 26, SR 112, SR 27, US 341, US 129, US 129 Alt, SR 87, US 23
Southern Terminus: I-75 north of Cordele
Northern Terminus: SR 31/US 319/US 441 south of Dublin
Background Notes: Once topping almost 112 miles, SR 257 was easily the longest three-digit highway not to be a freeway or expressway.  It originally extended all the way from (Old) SR 3/Old US 19 south of Albany in Radium Springs to its northern terminus at US 80 in Dublin.  This incredible distance was acheived when the easternmost portion of SR 257, which had previously ended at US 23 in Empire, was extended east in 1958 to meet SR 277, a spur route that extended 17 miles west ot Dublin. When the two routes were joined, SR 277 was renumbered SR 257.  That distinction was erased in the middle of the 1980's when SR 257 was truncated at I-75 in Cordele, no longer continuing into and through town and most of its route south of Cordele was renumbered to SR 300 upon completion of the four-laning of this highway as part of the Georgia-Florida Parkway.  Originally, the portion of SR 257 south of Cordele would have been replaced by a new interstate, I-175, but the route was instead built as a corridor covering Old 257 except for a new connection to I-75 south of Cordele.  Presently, that remaining two lane portion that continued north of the connector is now SR 300 Connector, which ends to the north at US 280 and does not entirely follow the former alignment of SR 257 through Cordele.  As of 2001, another realignment included a relocation of SR 257 southwest of Dublin from from US 80 in downtown Dublin to its present terminus.  
*Does not include multiplexed mileage
SR 258
Counties Passed Through: Troup
Total Mileage: 8
Current Route Number: SR 54
Western Terminus: US 27/SR 1 ten miles north of Lagrange
Eastern Terminus: US 29/SR 14 in Hogansville
Background Notes: SR 258 is now the westernmost portion of SR 54.  In FY 1963-1964, SR 258 was renumbered SR 54 when SR 54 was extended west from Luthersville to Hogansville.
SR 258 (1959 GHD Map)
SR 259
Counties Passed Through: Camden, Brantley
Local Numbers: CR 148 (Camden), CR 233 (Brantley)
Total Mileage: 17
Southern Terminus: SR 252 in Tarboro
Northern Terminus: US 82/SR 520 in Atkinson
Background Notes: Decommissioned May 9, 1979.  Except for about 3 miles south of then US 84 (now US 82), most of SR 259 was unpaved for most of its existance, but was completely paved upon decommissioning.
SR 259 in 1979
SR 260

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