System Access Fee

What is a System Access Fee?

It is a monthly contribution from all customers to a fund that helps offset the cost of maintaining and enhancing the networks of telecommunication companies

Sprint Canada continues to invest in our ability to offer competitive Home Phone Service on a national basis. In the last several years, Sprint Canada has successfully used these funds to expand our coverage footprint to now offer Home Phone Service to more than 4 million Canadian households, with more being added every year. The System Access Fee contributes to the maintenance of our existing infrastructure so that we can remain a viable competitive alternative for consumers.

Unlike our competitors, Sprint Canada does not charge a monthly recurring fee for most long distance plans. In addition to the System Access Fee, most other telephone companies charge a fee for their long distance plans, which ranges from $0.95 to $4.95 per month. Therefore, Sprint Canada customers are still paying less for their services compared to the competition.

The System Access Fee will be billed on a monthly basis and will be clearly indicated on your invoice.

Home Phone, Long Distance and Internet Service $4.25
Home Phone and Fido Wireless $6.95

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