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TNF | 3.19.2004

The Passion According to Mel | Matthew L. Rozsa

As the lights dimmed in the theater and I prepared to watch Mel Gibson’s controversial new movie “The Passion of the Christ”, I felt no need to remind myself that anti-Semitism is still alive. Most people will acknowledge that it is widespread throughout the world, but I will even go so far as to argue that it is still prevelant within our own country.

The Sovereignty of Nonsense | Michael Brendan Dougherty

I met Doug on a cruise ship last summer. (More on him later.) A Carnival Cruise is a great vacation. The food is endless and tasty. The service is quick, silent and hospitable. The entertainment put on in the rear of the ship lights people up every night. As this massive ship rolls down the Atlantic it rocks. Even walking to breakfast you can feel like you are stumbling around to last call. In a way drunkenness can typify much of “cruise” life. The whole vacation is one long party.

TNF | 3.13.2004

Extremist politics, particularly of the “far right,” tends to get more than its fair share of media attention. But how objective is this attention and to what extent does mainstream coverage overlook the links between our prevailing liberal culture and the fringe groups that have grown up in the past half century?

TNF | 3.10.2004

Interview with Thomas E. Woods, Jr. | Prof. Woods discusses the consequences of war, the presidency of George W. Bush, the state of the Catholic faith, and his forthcoming new book(s)

Traditional Conservatism and the Neoconservative Faction | Josh Matthews

In his Dictionary, the fiercely partisan Dr. Johnson offered a favorable definition for Tory and a stinging definition of Whig. The former, he says, always holds to the “ancient constitution” of the state and to the sacred truths of the Church. The latter is a faction that undermines both Church and State.

How I Became a Paleo-Conservative | Michael Brendan Dougherty

Even the name Paleo-Conservative suggests a dying, or extinct politics. Yet in the topsy-turveydom that is Conservative politics “Paleo-conservatism” is perhaps the youngest strain of political thought in the United States.

I love politics. But the political process is an incredible charade. There is probably no better example of this than presidential politics. As a kid during elections past, I remember believing the process to be a discussion on a grand scale concerning what direction our country should take. There was something dignified about the whole thing, or so it appeared.

Nellie McKay's Get Away From Me | Michael Brendan Dougherty

The promotional sticker on Nellie McKay’s debut album “Get Away From Me” (contrawise Norah Jones’ “Come Away with Me”) boasts that Nellie is compared with both Doris Day and Eminem. When I saw Nellie McKay as the opening act of a small bill in Fez Under Time Café last summer I thought it was more Billie Holiday and Elvis Costello.