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British ORT is the UK "wing" of World ORT, the largest non-governmental education and training organisation in the world. A non-political, non-profit organisation, ORT's objective is to meet the educational and vocational requirements of diverse students throughout the world. Currently, ORT operates in over 50 countries, spanning five continents, and trains 250,000 students every year.

ORT's major revenue sources are the USA, the UK, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Canada. Its global budget exceeds $250 million. An indication of the priority given to ORT's work by governments and agencies around the world is the fact that money raised by your national organisations is supplemented on a matching funding basis at a ratio of approximately 20:1.

In other words, every 1 that we raise provides ORT with the leverage to raise another 19 from official and other sources.

Why is ORT different?
As a truly independent organisation ORT has the freedom to pioneer new ways of teaching and training both students and teachers. This means that ORT schools lead the way in education and the introduction of new technologies to the curriculum. ORT transmits new ideas and methods from one country to another through its vast international network, so that everyone across the world benefits from its innovations.

In Israel, the name ORT is synonymous with technological education, being by far the largest vocational training organisation in the country. ORT has always supported Jewish communities by helping them raise the level of education in Jewish schools.

ORT has returned to its roots with a number of projects in Eastern Europe. ORT is also helping to meet the education and training needs of the new South Africa as well as operating programmes in North and Central Africa, Europe, India, Latin America and the United States.

For further information on British ORT, please contact:
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Last updated December 2003