Skia, Inc.

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Skia is a technology company focused on providing 2D graphics solutions to embedded systems, mobile devices, settop boxes, and emerging products.


Skia’s first product, SGL, is a portable graphics engine capable of rendering state-of-the-art 2D graphics on low-end devices such as mobile phones, TVs, and handhelds. SGL is feature-set compatible with existing 2D standards, making it ideal to serve as a back-end for public formats such as SVG, PDF, and OpenVG. SGL is licensed as source or binary, and can be customized to match specific HW/framebuffer requirements. View the SGL Specification in HTML or PDF.


Coming soon… download demo apps of SGL for Windows, Macintosh, PocketPC, PalmOS, Symbian, Brew.


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Phone: (919) 357-5530