Avg. Rating: 83%

Fenix TX - Lechuza
(MCA/Drive-Thru Records : May 22nd, 2001)

Finally, after something like 5 years, some member changes, and what sounds like some music lessons, Fenix TX recorded their sophomore record, Lechuza. Apparently, "Lechuza" is some Mexican bird or some shit, but it is a very unique name for a record... a lot more creative than a stupid self-titled album.

I wasn't really expecting too much out of this album, because I figured that they had become rock stars or something. But after I put it in my cd player, I found out exactly the opposite. It is really fucking good! It definitely sounds like they have been working on improving their musical ability for all those years. I like most of the songs on this disc. The only songs I really don't like are the ones in which Fenix TX makes a feeble attempt at making a hardcore song (ahem... a song called "Beating A Dead Horse"). Sorry fellas, I just couldn't get into that song at all. Some of my favorites on this record are "Threesome", "A Song For Everyone", and "Abba Zabba" (a song which I remember hearing a long time ago live... I liked it then, and I still like it now). And another thing, Willie Salazar's voice fucking rocks! I dunno, I've liked it a lot since the Riverfenix days. So even if you're not a big pop-punk fan, you've got to respect this guy's voice.

So yeah, Lechuza is definitely worth buying. I think I saw it in a Best Buy flier for like $6.00, so even if you're poor like me, you can still afford it. After you buy it, head over to and tell them how much you like it.

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Rating: 83