Who Cares if the BLM wastes millions of taxpayer dollars and breaks the law?

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The Duntons have been trying to be part of a process to bid a new BLM building in Kingman, Arizona for the past several years. Their building, their property and their family has been illegally and intentionally kept from this process by the BLM and its employees. Letters and emails etc. from Realtors and BLM employees confirm these facts. Millions of taxpayers dollars have been wasted. Information has been withheld from Congressman interested in correcting this problem. BLM employees have lost their jobs and been mistreated by the BLM. The Inspector General and General Accounting Offices have been no help. An IG investigation and policy review cleared the BLM. They never contacted any of the parties involved except the BLM. Requests by many local Congressman and Representatives have all gone unanswered by both Gail Norton and Kathleen Clarke.

BLM BillboardBLM employee, Huck Sandsness, was taken off the job in Kingman by John Christensen, the Kingman BLM manager. Huck was never charged, only accused, of wrong doing. Huck has not been contacted by the BLM in over 8 months after 14 years as an employee.

Gwen Burton, a 10 year BLM contracting officer, was removed from her position after complaints from John Christensen. Gwen told the BLM they were breaking the law, she was a whistle blower. They offered Gwen $5,000.00 and she would lose her job and asked to apologize to the BLM as a settlement offer in her EEOC complaint.

Bobby Dewey and Ed Odle, Kingman ranchers, had people cutting wood on their ranch. Trees were accidentally cut on adjoining BLM land. After being told by the BLM, Bobby & Ed offered restitution. John Christensen was the local BLM manager, and several weeks later many armed BLM employees from several states raided their ranch and confiscated their property.

Does anyone care about how the BLM is operating? Read below for more information.