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General Information
Basin Name: Lake Tahoe (CA & NV)
Area: 238809.8 acres
Watershed Statistics
Naturally Occurring Waterways: 250.04 miles
Percentage of Free Flowing River Miles: 67 %
Percentage of River Miles in Protected Lands: 9 %
Protected Lands: 11 %
Number of Dams: 7
Number of Selected Watershed Projects: 17
Number of Stream Crossings: 299
Near-Stream Roads: 122.54 miles
Average Precipitation per Year: 41.96 inches
Percentage Area above 15% Slope: 22.6 %
Number of CalWater Units: 24
WBS TMDL Rivers 4
Number of Special Status Species: 9
Number of Holland Communities: 30
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El Dorado
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