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UPDATE: January 21, 2005

Video Update:

This week Alex, our Toronto correspondent, breaks out the video game sound effects and weighs in with Extreme Battle Challenge
Click here to view movie: [pop-up] [download] 12.2 MB

Comics Update:

New Roomies
New Small Boy and Monkey
New Canadian Waste

LoadingReadyRun DVD now available!

-P & G

A little game!?! Travel-sized battleship, that's a little game!

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DVD update by Paul on 01-07-2005 20:57

You may notice that we have made some changes to the store page. The good news is that the LRR Season 1 DVD is now 3 discs! We thought that we could fit everything on to two discs, but there was just so much amazing extra goodness that we needed another disc just to hold all the unaired videos, deleted scenes, outtakes, and bloopers!

The bad news is that the extra disc makes the DVD a little bit more expensive. All current orders will still be filled at the old price, but new orders will be charged the revised price. Also, now that the DVDs are produced, packaged and ready, we have updated the shipping costs to better reflect reality (instead of a crazy dreamland where you can ship a package anywhere in the world for $3.00).

With over 4 hours of quality content, the LoadingReadyRun Season 1 DVD is a bargain at any price!

Buy it now

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Happy New Year! by Paul on 01-01-2005 09:36

Since 2004 was our first complete year, I have been looking around our stats page for the entire year and I thought I would share a few details with you.

In 2004 LRR had:
Over 45,000 unique visitors
Over 2,700,000 hits
Over 250GB of bandwidth served
Over 1,000 hours of video downloaded
Our most popular video, Who Watches Movies, was viewed 7025 times.

I would also like to give a big thank you to all the awesome people who linked to us over the year. It would take way too long to list them all, but here are just a few of the biggest:
Chip Esten: Improvisational Man of Mystery
Quixotic Crap
The Ultimate Insult
Patchwork Heros
Sam and Fuzzy

And last, but not least, I would like to thank the entire LRR Crew without whom this whole thing wouldn't be possible. This fine collection of guys and girls have given up holidays, weekends, and a whole lot of sleep to entertain you, with no reward other then getting to be in a video. If it wasn't for the Crew, LoadingReadyRun would pretty much consist of Graham and I wearing large fake moustaches and yelling at each other with bad foriegn accents. Not a pretty sight.

We've got lots more great videos coming down the pipe in 2005, so don't touch that dial!

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zooooooooooom by Paul on 12-27-2004 08:42

Check out this nifty flash video that lets you zoom through a series of paintings.

I think more fine art should be delivered in zoomable form.

link courtesy of BoingBoing
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Random Acts Productions by Paul on 12-10-2004 19:49

LoadingReadyRun's new American partner!

With over four years under their belt, Random Acts Productions has been serving up killer sketch comedy since before LRR was even an idea. A click on the Random Acts button on the right there will take you to their home on our site, where you'll find links and descriptions of all their newest videos. This is merely the first phase in what we hope is a long and mutually beneficial pantership.

Check 'em out!

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Land mine detecting plants by Paul on 11-30-2004 14:11

Look at this picture and try to guess where the land mine is hidden

A Danish company, Aresa Biodetection, has developed genetically-modified flowers that change color when their roots come in contact with nitrogen dioxide in the soil. Explosives used in mines produce NO2 as the chemicals gradually decay. The company plans to sow fields of NO2-sniffing Arabidopsis thaliana (Thale or mouse cress) in areas riddled with long-forgotten ordinance from Angola to Cambodia.

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Ancient fax machine by Paul on 11-30-2004 14:06

Check out this description of what was basicly a fax machine in operation at the New York Harold in 1900. Be sure to look at the included images too, as you can see that the quality of output was really quite good. What I find even cooler is that this machine made the image in the same way as modern inkjet printer, by drawing one row at a time.


Link courtesy of MetaFilter
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...and we forgive them. by Graham on 11-20-2004 15:13

In answer to the post below: In response to Sorry Everybody comes Apologies Accepted. Also, Republican supporters in the states have launched We're Not Sorry.

Also, the funniest picture I've seen in a long time: HERE

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Well, at least they're sorry. by Graham on 11-10-2004 17:38

Check out Sorry Everybody. A website devoted to Americans who voted for Kerry apologizing to the rest of the world. Not all Americans are stupid... only around 51% of them. The rest tried.


Link courtesy Dave Schmidt. What a nonce...

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