Peaches 2:Nectar
by Ursula

Golden light surrounds us. It is warm, hot even, and the air is redolent of peaches.

Alex's hand strokes through Mulder's hair, tangling in it, his eyes soft and dreaming. Mulder lies stomach down, sprawled as Alex left him with widely opened legs, dead to the world, but his hand still rests on Alex's stomach possessively. A moment ago Alex started to move away and Mulder made an impatient growling sound of warning. Alex smiled and stilled, his eyes meeting mine in fond indulgence.

The bed is in shambles and our mingled musk is in the air. One of Alex's legs is raised. His cock is still dusky rose in color, as it nestles in the curled gloss at his groin.

The mattress gives beneath my weight as I sit down. Alex likes a soft mattress and what Alex wants he gets if I can give it to him.

Ask for the stars, beloved, I'll bring you a mirror and you'll find them in your eyes.

The plate I have brought is very cold. I put it in the freezer long before I cut the golden fruit and laid the segments down. The mint glistens; it's dewed with moisture. I take a sprig and run it across one of his nipples. His eyes had closed a moment before. He was drowsy with love. He looks at me indignantly for a second, but he's too happy to contain it. A smile starts at the corner of his mouth and spreads with incredible sweetness across his face.

"Open," I commanded him. The baby-soft lips part. They are coral, fading from the ruby that the heat of our kisses left them.

Like a begging bird, the mouth opens for me. I feed him a segment of peach. The juices flow down his chin. Before he can react, I lean forward and kiss the nectar away. The taste of him...the heat of him...he's mine. I want him even as I have him. I adore him more than I have ever loved anything in my life.

Thirsty...we had made love until the room was hazy with the heat of our passion; I draw away and reach for a peach slice for myself. The fuzz tickles my mouth like the downy hair right beneath his lips. I pause mid-bite as his fingers left Mulder's hair; I shiver as his gentle touch caresses the naked skin on my hairless crown. He takes my wire-rims and puts them on the table beside us.

Now, he presses downward, forcing my mouth to his. I start to laugh, nearly losing the battle right there and then as his greedy teeth play tug of war with the slice of peach. Just as I'm about to yield, he darts forward, stealing the fruit, meeting my lips as the sweetness bursts between us. He drinks of me; I'm drowning in his kisses, but God, don't spare me a second of this tender tidal wave.

The plate set aside, my head is pillowed on his chest, and beneath my cheek, I feel the soft delicacy of his skin, the winged beauty of his breastbone. As my head rises and falls with his deepening breaths, I can hear the drumbeat of his heart. Gradually, I too am falling asleep and I realize our hearts have found a joined rhythm. My arm slides over him, protecting him from any harm, my fingers brush against Mulder. He moves closer without waking. We're together, complete; things are just as they should be. I'm fighting sleep, wanting a last glance of his beauty to take with me to my dreams, but it's okay. I know he's here. I know he's ours.

The air is redolent with peaches...

The beginning...