March 20th - Abby Arts Centre

Bonecracker announced Leatherface was stuck over in Korea could not make the show. Then suddenly "The Rocket" Randy Tyler comes out and says he should fight Layne Fontaine since Leatherface was not there. Which then brought out "Fast" Freddy Funk saying that he should get the chance to fight Layne since he was the one who lost to Leatherface. Which then brought out Skag Rollins, claiming that he never even lost to Layne Fontaine and should get a rematch. Then the Commissioner announced it to be a four-way elimination match for the Heavyweight title.

Rematch from last show, One Fall match - Cole Bishop defeated Fabulous Fabio

One Fall match - The Count defeated Domestic Disturbance

TRW Tag Team Championship match - VainRage defeated The Heatseekers(Aaron Idol & Sweet Daddy D)

One Fall match - Tom McDonald & Chris Lane went to a No Contest as Fabulous Fabio & Machette Singh walked around the ring and distracted Fabio & Singh until they finally came into the ring and decemated Tom McDonald & Chris Lane. Then out from the back Vid Vain & R.A.G.E. rush out and save the two young kids. Vid Vain & R.A.G.E. challenge Fabio & Singh to a tag title match next show April 17th. Both McDonald & Lane are making their TRW debut from Edmonton

TRW Cruiserweight Championship match - T Kasaki beat Disco Fury

TRW Heavyweight Championship, Four-way Elimination match - "The Rocket" Randy Tyler defeated "Luscious" Layne Fontaine, Skag Rollins, "Fast" Freddy Funk ~ Order of Elimination - (1)Randy Tyler & Skag Rollins pinned Freddy Funk, (2)Layne Fontaine made Skag Rollins submit, (3)Randy Tyler pinned Layne Fontaine after knocking Layne out with some knucks > Skag Rollins was also suspended for 6 months due to attacking a referee.

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