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So Dan graciously made a thread on the Official Message Board dedicated to any questions you may have pondered. And Pete, Tim, and others have answered them. Ergo I've followed suit by summing up what the guys have said over the what- 18 pages now? Some of them are outdated, but hey they'll all eventually be outdated. I tried to keep as many direct qoutes as possible. If you want to post a question yourself, or you think I'm a liar- you can go search the thread here. Without further ado...

Q: Any ideas as to what art will grace the cover of the new CD?
The album artwork is the Chili Dog / Velvet Underground parody. Here’s a picture of that album cover: http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B000002G7C.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg

Q: Are we going to get another mp3 from the CD soon?
We'd rather not post anymore before the release (Hopefully in August or September) only because we want you guys to buy the record and be able to hear plenty of new material when you do. If the release is postponed any later we'll put one more up, but hopefully we won't have to. We're working on it for you guys, promise.

Q: Any news on who you'll be releasing it through?
Unless things change we'll be releasing it ourselves over the internet/website and in independent record stores. Possibly some chains if we decide to go through a distributor. Keep in mind this is subject to change but it's our immediate plan of attack.

Q: Any chance of making it an enhanced CD with videos?
That’s a rad idea but I think it’s pretty expensive to get that done.

Q: Will "Here I Am" ever be released?
Here I am MAY be re-recorded for a new album.

Q: Was the Stand by Your Man cover actually on You're a Nation, or was it just recorded at the same time?
Stand by Your Man was on You're a Nation yes

Q: Will we ever see you guys over here in the UK?
YES - we will eventually come to the UK - not sure when - but we will.

Q: Who is your favorite classical composer and which part (prelude, etude or whatever) in particular do you like?
Pete and I (Dan) have always been into the obvious greats- Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Mozart (Check out his "Masonic Funeral Music") and whatnot. I can't speak fully for Pete but I am a Handel ("Messiah" of course & "Organ Concerto Op.4 No.6) and a Debussy fan as well. I know Pete really digs Rachmaninoff (spelling) and a couple other more obscure composers that I can't remember, or even spell if I could.

Q: can you also tell us which instrument you started playing with, and how things evolved to e.g. Dan playing bass?
Both Pete and I [Dan] started playing guitar and took over bass because it's easier to sing and play bass plus Pete's a better player than I am. Peace. I [Tim] played piano for probably less than a year when I was really young, but I gave it up because I didn't like practicing. I had always wanted to play drums from a very young age and started taking lessons in 5th grade I believe. I felt like that was the instrument for me because I always loved practicing and playing and just listening to the creativity of different drummers on different records and stuff.

Q: what is the status of your college education(s)? What are your majors? What do you plan to do after you graduate?
Tim has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from UF. Dan’s majoring in Theatre.

Q: Will there be any collaborations on Get Rad?
Ryan Key sings on Nothing to Lose....and Ted Bond from Craig's Brother sings on In the Dark. Also, Dan's girlfriend Mandy does a great job on 3 tracks, I believe.... also Mark O'quinn (spelling?), who used to sing for the Jacksonville band Stalemate sings on Homesick, and Mr. Jon Farmand Yahztes on Everyday.

Q: Do each of you have any specific goals beyond writing music for I12 that you are actively pursuing? Other careers? Solo projects planned? etc.
We don't have any plans to break up. Don’t worry about that. Solo projects? Who knows - if we did we'd probably use each other for them. Hope I could help.

Q: Can you tell me what equipment everyone in I-12 uses?
Tim: I play Premier drums (XPK model), various types of hardware, mainly Sabian cymbals (I have Zildjian hi-hats and sometimes get Zildjian cymbals) and Pro-Mark sticks (American Hickory, size 5B). Dan: I play an Ernie Ball Musicman through Ampeg SVT Classic.

Q: When was the violin added to Homesick (latest version found on mp3.com site)? And is the mix and master also different? Is that the final version of homesick? I also noticed a much more prominent organ in Again.
Hello. Yeah all of the versions up on the mp3 page are the final mixes and yes they are mastered as well. I like the way they sound better than the old versions. The cello was added after the rough mixes were done and we brought up the organ a bit on Again as well.

Q: Are there any plans for a tour anytime soon?
I know its crappy, but there are no tours on the horizon yet. But we get out of college this year so woo-hoo! Hopefully we can work it out before too long....and this time we need to do it with a good, known band because the tour by ourselves playing shows in Iowa and stuff was kind of funny sometimes....but we did play one show in an auto shop in front of ten people that was pretty phenomenal. We should have gotten a free oil change for that one.

Q: One year at cornerstone festival in Illinois you and some other guy got on stage and played an acoustic song, it started like "Well I blah, blah, a girl with who to share my mind", what song is that?
Um, that was a secret song from one of our old records called Step Into the Fire. I think you can find it on Kazaa under Secret song maybe. That other guy was Ryan Key from Yellowcard.

Q: Do you guys have plans to ever record Caving In again?
We'll probably most likely do caving in again...we're just gonna try and figure out new lyrics and chords.

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