This is a varition of a buttonhole band in  "The Neckline Encyclopedia"

I like this band, because the buttonholes are finished when the band comes off of the machine.

Those of you who have the Neckline Encyclopedia, this is buttonhole band Method 1, but I have made some changes after test knitting it. There was nothing wrong with the original version, I just thought up a little different method that works just a little faster. And for us spoiled knitters, faster is always good, right?

There are other buttonhole bands in The Neckline Encyclopedia, and of course the 55 necklines.

This is a sideways knitted band.
Make an e-wrap cast on for the number of stitches needed.
With wrong side of sweater facing you, hang front edge onto same needles with cast on.
Knit 1 row at garment tension. Turn tension dial down 1-2 whole numbers and knit 5 rows.
Place buttonholes evenly spaced. You can mark the buttonhole locations with a pencil on the needle bed.
Manually knit each buttonhole with a short piece of contrast color yarn.
Knit another 6 rows. Knit 1 turn row using large tension or knit 1 purl row.
Again knit 6 rows.
Now hang the buttonholes by picking up the loops from above the ravel cord and hang loops on the needles directly above. Hang 1 extra loop than you have stitches.
Carriage is on the right. Set carriage for partial knitting.
Push all needles, except those to the right of the first buttonhole on the right, to E-position. Knit to first buttonhole. Bind off buttonhole stitches.
I bind off with a latch tool around the gate pegs.
Push ALL needles to hold position.
* Push carriage slightly back to the right.
Push needles between first and second buttonhole to D-position (upper work position).
Knit the next group of stitches (between first and second buttonhole).
Bind off next buttonhole. Needles to hold positon.
Repeat from * until all buttonholes are bound off and carriage is on the left.
Buttonhole needles should be empty. The buttonholes are now hanging on the gate pegs. Carefully remove the buttonholes from the gate pegs.
Now hang the lower loops of the buttonholes (not the contrast color) onto the emptied needles. Hang one bar on each side of buttonhole for added strength.
Push the buttonhole needles to hold position so that the stitches knit off properly.
Set carriage for normal knitting.
Knit 6 rows.
Hang first row of band to form a hem. Form one row of long stitches and crochet bind off. Remove the short pieces of contrast color yarn from the buttonholes.

Happy buttonholing!

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