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League Date: 10-28-2012
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(586 AB, .365 AVG, 41 HR, 151 RBI, 137 R, 214 Hits, 1.119 OPS)
Earl Struss
(550 AB, .345 AVG, 46 HR, 126 RBI, 105 R, 190 Hits, 1.059 OPS)
AL Cy Young
Livan Hernandez
(Record: 25-6, 3.55 ERA, 230.2 IP, 201 K's, 1.34 WHIP)
NL Cy Young
Sil Andichochea
(Record: 27-3, 1.54 ERA, 281.0 IP, 225 K's, 0.67 WHIP)
AL Rookie
Maximo Serna
(464 AB, .265 AVG, 22 HR, 107 RBI, 82 R, 123 Hits, .832 OPS)
NL Rookie
Herb Jones
(5454 AB, .289 AVG, 40 HR, 121 RBI, 121 R, 160 Hits, .977 OPS)
AL Owner
Gregg McGreggor
103-59 - .636 PCT - Lost WS to St. Louis   3-4
NL Owner
Ryan Wissick
96-66 - .593 PCT - Finished 2nd in NL Central


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Puyallup, WA (AP) -- 01-28-05

If you are an AL GM in the CDBL, here is your tissue. In 12 CDBL World Series, the AL has won only four times. The chances at a fifth title before the NL gets it's ninth are looking very slim.
WS Game 1:
St. Louis
W-Silvestre Andichochea  
L-Luke Murchison POG-Ricardo Sanchez (STL)
     The Cards got things started fast. Lead-off hitter Charlie Batkins singled in the first, stole second, and scored on a single by Ricardo Sanchez. The bases are then loaded up by the Cards, but Baltimore starter, Pedro Oslan, forced Ramon Norris to ground into the third out, stranding all three runners.
     Oslan held St. Louis batters close through five and allowed Baltimore to tie the game up in the sixth with a series of singles and a error by Walter Shibata. Luis Matos and Walt Gonzalez score.
     In the seventh Orioles second basemen, Alex Gonzalez started the inning off with a single and aging speedster Johnny Damon came in and scored from first on a double by Billie Harrell. Now up 3-2, Baltimore was playing well with St. Louis. BUT then the mistake of the game was made: Luke Murchison was brought in to pitch. Murchison gave up 3 runs on 5 hits before retiring his third batter. 5-3 Cards after 7.
     The 8th inning was the nail in the coffin for Baltimore in game 1. A pinch hit, solo shot by Cliff Bolton and a 2-run HR by Ricardo Sanchez (securing POG honors) put St. Louis too far ahead for the O's. St. Louis even stuck reliever Gerald Clay in for the ninth to keep the real scary guys in the St. Louis bullpen for a more worthy appearances.

WS Game 2:
St. Louis
W-Boob Danzig  
L-Donny Wendt
POG-Boob Danzig (STL)
     The reason that STL starter, Boob Danzig, was picked as player of the game, is that the entire Cardinals lineup clicked in this game. Every none pitcher had a hit, but no one really got in the zone. Top that off with Danzig pitching a complete game and it was really a no-brainer.
     The way that Boob was pitching, this game was over after the fifth inning.

WS Game 3:
St. Louis
W-Donny Wendt S-Rod Touchstone
L-Freddy Garcia
POG-Crash Davis Jr. (STL)

     Now playing on the road, St. Louis needed to take out the crowd early. Batkins (or Mr. Leadoff) made it look easy. Get on first with a hit or walk, steal second, get three batters to score from second. It's a recipe that works so often for the Cards, it's almost automatic.
     The second inning saw St. Louis RF, Ralph Pasek, start off the inning with a solo shot. A three run dinger by Crash Davis Jr. in the third capped off the runs for the Cards, leaving the O's to play catch-up.
     The bottom of the third saw Baltimore centerfielder, Leon Perez, plate two runners with a triple down the firstbase line; putting the O's on the board and keeping the game within reach. But with an even better scoring opportunity in the fifth, Leon Perez was unable to bring home a run with the bases loaded and only one out. The trend coninuted for Baltimore hitters the next inning. In the sixth, Billie Harrell was left stranded in scoring position with one out.
      The Orioles reached the bottom of the ninth still trailing 5-2 and three outs from a virtually impossible 0-3 deficit in WS play. To make things even more difficult, Rod Touchstone, the CDBL's leader in post-season saves with 19 was coming in. At only 29 years old, Rod's post season expierence is second to none amoung all CDBL closers.
     Baltimore's Russ Branyan blasted a shot off Touchstone down the right field line, up and over the fence, to change the score board to 5-3. The crowd was back in it. 39962 screaming fans of Camden Yards were lt up and a-buzz, with orange and black stiring in a 360 degree wave of glory.
     Oriole 3B, Pat Amedee, already with two hits in the game and a .306 average in the 2012 playoffs came to the plate, with the top of the order due up, behind him. The Cards closer forces him to ground to Rocco Luz in the hot corner. The Camden Yard faithful would not back down, they just got louder. Luis Matos came up, also with 2 hits in the game and a .317 average in the 2012 playoffs, including 2 triples. Touchstone forces a groundout to the left again, this time fielded by SS Ramon Norris. The crowd would not back down, this was between the St. Louis closer and the 39962 screaming down his neck... oh, and Walt Gonzalez. He got under it and it sales towards the left field fence, and into the glove of Ralph Pasek. Game over 5-3 and Baltimore's hopes at passing out WS rings next spring is looking very slim.

Download available now, in the download center.

- Jamey Carter
NL President - GM Cleveland

NOTE: To all teams, if you have contract extentions to offer, time is running VERY short. Please get them in ASAP. You don't have much longer. ALSO there is a section on the message board for 2013 Franchise Player tags. Please get this done VERY quickly as well. Not tagging a FP is simply crazy. You loss, could very well be someone elses gain. :-)

Huntley, IL (AP) -- 01-26-05

Congratulations to Baltimore and St. Louis as they sweep 3 games straight each this sim to reach the 2012 World Series.

Balitmore crushed Anaheim by scores of 6-2, 1-0 and 10-6 while St. Louis beat Atlanta with scores of 7-2, 6-4 and 8-3.

Sim 1 one playoffs is scheduled for Friday night and sim 2 on Sunday. I will not be around for a while so one of the other BOG members will complete the season.

Files are up and the HTML pages are on their way.

Michael J. Steddick
CDBL Commissioner

Huntley, IL (AP) -- 01-25-05

Sim is complete. Next sim is TOMORROW NIGHT. Anaheim leads Baltimore 2-1 and Atlanta leads St. Louis also by 2-1.

Files are up - NO HTML update.

Good luck tomorrow.

Michael J. Steddick
CDBL Commissioner

Anaheim & Baltimore Shock the AL World!
Huntley, IL (AP) -- 01-22-05

The Baltimore Orioles and the Anaheim Angels both pulled major upsets in the first round of the American League playoffs. The Orioles crushed the Oakland A's 4 games to 1 and the Angels took a thrilling game 7 from the Indians at the Jake 7-3.

In Cleveland Angel MVP candidate Claudio Corso went 4-5 with 2 runs scored and a RBI. Larry Gedeon outpitched Sarafin Perez who the Angels chased with 5 runs in 3.1 innings. Corso hit .500 for the series with 1 HR and 4 RBI. The other two members of the Angels' Three Musketeets Donald Chastagnol (.333, 1 HR, 9 RBI) and Jose Cardillo (.321, 1 HR, 11 RBI) were just as potent for the Angels as they over game the Indians pitching. All three were named the series MVP's.

Baltimore beat the A's 5-3, 10-3, 0-10, 9-5 and 4-3. Other than the 0-10 game 3 performance the Orioles simply dominated the once mighty A's. The series MVP Al Seyler only hit .227, but his 3 homers and 7 RBI's was tops for both teams in the series. A's pitching ace Richard Hayes was 0-1 in 2 games giving up 18 hits and 5 runs. He was the victim of bad defensive support and no offense in both games.

In St. Louis pitcher Silvestre Andichochea proved to be the difference as he went 3-0 for the series with a 3.15 ERA. He pitched 6 innings in game 7 as which the Cardinals won 8-7. The Padres got to Andi in the seventh getting 4 runs and closing the gap to 8-7, but the St. Louis bullpen pulled it out. Andichochea was named the series MVP. The Padres definitely gave the Cardinals a run for their money and almost pulled out a huge victory.

Fans in San Francisco are singing they left their BROKEN hearts there as they the Giants found a new way to lose. Reliever Lawrence Earles gives up a triple to Dad Fout to start the bottom of the 9th so in comes SF close Bill Deering. Deering strikes out CF Bun Northrup, but SS Eric Chavez throws the game away on the next play as C Jesus Ruelas grounds to Chavez who can't make the throw to the plate to catch Fout coming home. The Braves take the series 4-3 and CF Bruno Baker (.360, 1 HR, 7RBI) is named the series MVP.

NEXT sim is MONDAY night and it will cover games 1, 2 and 3 of the LCS.

Good luck to all,

Michael J. Steddick
CDBL Commissioner

Houston, TX (AP) -- 01-16-05

Here's the outfielders...

Starter: Manny Ramirez (Cleveland Indians 2000-2004; Detroit Tigers 2005-2007; Memphis Blues 2007-2010; Chicago Cubs 2010-2011)

Career Batting Average: .324
Hits: 2,081
Doubles: 413
Triples: 37
Home Runs: 464
Total Bases: 3,960
RBIs: 1,487
Runs Scored: 1,296
Stolen Bases: 23
Walks: 1,072
On Base Percentage: .420
Slugging Percentage: .616
OPS: 1.036

No player was as dominant for as long a period of time as Ramirez. Manny won the first of his four MVP awards in the CDBL�s inaugural 2000 season. Seven years later, he picked up his fourth trophy, marking the longest time between MVP�s in the history of the league. And in between he had five of the best seasons the league has ever seen. Manny, who holds the CDBL record with a 1.036 OPS, had eight seasons with an OPS over 1.000, an ungodly achievement. In 2005, the year he won his second straight MVP for the Detroit Tigers, Ramirez hit .323 with 66 home runs (a CDBL record) and 174 RBIs. Take a moment to ponder that RBI total, and then realize that it wasn�t even the best RBI season he had in his career. That came in �07, when he drove in 185 while swatting 56 more dingers. Up and down the board, the numbers are simply startling. Along with Nomar Garciaparra, Ramirez is the only other four-time MVP in CDBL history. There just isn�t much else to say here. A fabulous player.

Starter: Vladimir Guerrero (Florida Marlins 2000-2006; Anaheim Angels 2007-2009; Cincinnati Reds 2009; Detroit Tigers 2009-2011; New York Mets 2012-Present)

Career Batting Average: .303
Hits: 2,412
Doubles: 382
Triples: 53
Home Runs: 561
Total Bases: 4,583
RBIs: 1,757
Runs Scored: 1,541
Stolen Bases: 245
Walks: 797
On Base Percentage: .366
Slugging Percentage: .575
OPS: .941

Guerrero is the CDBL�s all-time leader in home runs, RBIs, runs scored and total bases, and he trails only Nomar Garciaparra in hits {by a mere 49}. He�s the only player to collect 500 homers in his CDBL career. Vlad owns MVP awards in both leagues, having won his first in 2006 with the Marlins {who he helped lead to the World Series that season} and back-to-back AL awards with the Detroit Tigers in 2009 and 2010. During that 2009 season, Guerrero hit a career-best .333 with 63 home runs and an astounding 181 RBIs. He�s both driven in and scored over 100 runs in every full season of the CDBL�s existence. During that stretch, his worst year was 2000, when he hit a paltry 32 homers, scored a measly 112 runs and drove in an embarrassing 114. Those numbers are all career lows for this guy. He�s hit under .300 just four times, and three of those averages were .299, .299 and .298. Put very simply, there was never a more consistently dominating hitter in the CDBL than Vladimir Guerrero.

Starter: Ken Griffey, Jr. (Boston Red Sox 2000-2005; Seattle Mariners 2005; Philadelphia Phillies 2006-2008; Chicago Cubs 2008)

Career Batting Average: .302
Hits: 1,623
Doubles: 238
Triples: 28
Home Runs: 412
Total Bases: 3,153
RBIs: 1,189
Runs Scored: 1,112
Stolen Bases: 306
Walks: 755
On Base Percentage: .388
Slugging Percentage: .587
OPS: .975

Griffey completes the Holy Trinity of CDBL outfielders. Despite playing just nine years in the league and retiring after a 2008 season in which he hit 25 homers and drove in 131, Griffey remains all over the league�s leader board. He won three straight MVP�s for the Red Sox in 2001, 2002 and 2003, a three-peat accomplished only one other time in league history. During those three MVP seasons, Griffey averaged 55 home runs, 156 RBIs, a 1.018 OPS and 27 stolen bases. He hit 50+ home runs four times, including 58 with 139 RBIs in his first National League season with the Phillies. To put Griffey�s achievements in perspective, Vlad Guerrero, the all-time CDBL home run king, has averaged 43.1 home runs and 135.1 RBIs per year in his brilliant career. In Griffey�s nine CDBL seasons, he averaged 45.8 homers and 132.1 RBIs. Griffey�s also got something both Vlad and Manny don�t: a CDBL championship ring, which he won with the Red Sox in 2000.

Backup: Brian Giles (Pittsburgh Pirates 2000; St. Louis Cardinals 2000-2002, 2008; Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2003-2007; San Francisco Giants 2009)

Career Batting Average: .316
Hits: 1,719
Doubles: 307
Triples: 21
Home Runs: 381
Total Bases: 3,211
RBIs: 1,202
Runs Scored: 1,147
Stolen Bases: 132
Walks: 1,008
On Base Percentage: .423
Slugging Percentage: .590
OPS: 1.013

There are three players in CDBL history with career OPS�s over 1.000. One is Manny Ramirez, an all-time great. The second is Steve Steiner, on his way to getting there. And the third is Giles, who may very well be the most unheralded and under-appreciated great player in the history of this league. In the eight years between 2000 and 2007, the number of seasons Giles didn�t have an OPS over 1.000 was� zero, one less than the number of times he failed to hit under 33 home runs, bat over .300 and draw 100 walks. From 2003 to 2007, Giles hit 41, 51, 45, 40 and 50 home runs. He may have been overshadowed by the likes of Vlad Guerrero and Manny Ramirez, which may be the reason he wasn�t elected to the Hall of Fame upon his retirement in 2011 {a tragedy that should be reversed} but when it came to getting on base, Giles did it at a better clip than Vlad, Manny or Griffey. Not bad for a guy most people wouldn�t even put in their league.

Backup: Shawn Green (Los Angeles Dodgers 2000-2005; Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2006-2009; Toronto Blue Jays 2010)

Career Batting Average: .311
Hits: 1,962
Doubles: 408
Triples: 10
Home Runs: 399
Total Bases: 3,587
RBIs: 1,298
Runs Scored: 1,200
Stolen Bases: 195
Walks: 765
On Base Percentage: .386
Slugging Percentage: .569
OPS: .955

Quick, name all five players who have won multiple CDBL MVP awards. Griffey? Check. Nomar? Check. Manny? Got it. Vlad? Yep. Shawn Green? Shawn Green? Umm, yeah, and it wasn�t even two MVPs, it was three, which he won in back-to-back-to-back seasons in 2006, 2007 and 2008. While the other four multiple winners are now one-name players, Green remains relatively in the shadows, but he shouldn�t. Green holds the distinction of being perhaps the greatest free-agent signing in the history of the CDBL. After six solid but not spectacular years with the Dodgers, he signed with Tampa for four seasons at $7.75 million per, and promptly won those three straight MVPs. His 2007 season was one of the best overall campaigns in CDBL history, as Green hit .357 with 51 homers, 152 RBIs and had an OPS of 1.138. Green was, quite deservedly, elected to the CDBL Hall of Fame in 2012.

Backup: Andruw Jones (Atlanta Braves 2000-2005; Boston Red Sox 2005-2006; Chicago White Sox 2006-2008; San Diego Padres 2009-2011; St. Louis Cardinals 2011-Present)

Career Batting Average: .304
Hits: 1,911
Doubles: 370
Triples: 53
Home Runs: 363
Total Bases: 3,476
RBIs: 1,301
Runs Scored: 1,188
Stolen Bases: 266
Walks: 895
On Base Percentage: .386
Slugging Percentage: .554
OPS: .940

Despite trailing Shawn Green three MVP�s to none, Andruw Jones� career stats are actually quite similar to Green�s, right down to the identical .386 on-base percentage. While Jones has rarely had what you�d call an overpowering offensive season, he has been a steady 30+ home run, 115 RBI guy for the last decade. Andruw�s also got something very few CDBL players can say they have: three World Series rings, one with the 2002 Braves, another with the �06 White Sox and his third last year with the Cardinals. Jones� best season was a .344-47-140 campaign with the Braves and Red Sox, and he�s posted 1.000+ OPS seasons three times. Throw in the speed and the well-above-average defense, and he clearly belongs among the elite outfielders in league history.

Backup: Carl Everett (Cincinnati Reds 2000-2002; Arizona Diamondbacks 2002-2004; Cleveland Indians 2005-2006; Los Angeles Dodgers 2006-2010; Toronto Blue Jays 2010)

Career Batting Average: .321
Hits: 2,034
Doubles: 456
Triples: 39
Home Runs: 305
Total Bases: 3,483
RBIs: 1,099
Runs Scored: 1,268
Stolen Bases: 465
Walks: 695
On Base Percentage: .388
Slugging Percentage: .520
OPS: .915

Everett is another one of those players who slipped below the radar while guys like Griffey, Vlad and Manny were tearing things up. But the fact is, he finished his career with a higher average than Griffey, more total bases than Brian Giles, a better on-base percentage than Vlad Guerrero, and more runs scored than Shawn Green. He also scored 100+ runs in eight straight seasons from 2000 to 2007, stole more than 50 bases four times, and had a 1.000+ OPS his first three CDBL seasons. Elected into the Hall of Fame in 2011, Everett earns the final spot on a CDBL outfield corps that reads like a who�s who of the greatest players in the league.

Notes on Outfielders: I compiled stats for no fewer than 20 players in an effort to narrow the field down to the final seven, and it was extremely difficult. Some of the players who barely missed the cut were: Steve Malloy {and his 427 home runs}, Ben Grieve {354 dingers, and surprisingly solid stats across the board}, Ruben Mateo {winner of the 2004 NL MVP}, Larry Walker {a dominant player, but only for six seasons}, Juan Gonzalez, Chad Hermanson and Josh Hamilton, as well as current studs like Rick Asadoorian, J.D. Drew, Arthur Weisser and Stacey Goodlaw {who will, one day, be on this list}. The final cuts from the list were Bernie Williams and Gary Sheffield, who were just as deserving as anyone on the list but suffered from just being a little too old to maintain their dominance for a long enough period. The seven outfielders who made the final cut are the crème de la crème of offensive players in the CDBL.

Up next, the starting pitchers...

Tom Manning
CDBL AL President

Houston, TX (AP) -- 01-05-05

The CDBL is currently playing in its 13th season. We've seen plenty of Hall of Famers come and go in this league, and the first batch of truly great CDBL lifers are now starting tolook like Hall of Famers themselves. But who have been the best of the best over the first decade plus of this league? Here's the first installment of the All-Time CDBL team. There are plenty of players in today's game who may find there way onto this team one day, but for the most part young players who have yet to compile enough numbers have been excluded. Players who made this team did so based on the complete body of work they gave us during their careers. All decisions were made by American League President and CDBL historian Tom Manning, so send any and all complaints his way.

(Note: The stats listed are CDBL stats only, not composite stats the include pre-CDBL days).

So let's get down to business...

Starter: Jason Kendall (Pittsburgh Pirates 2000-2010; Florida Marlins 2010-2011)
Career Batting Average: .307
Hits: 1,828
Doubles: 409
Triples: 65
Home Runs: 231
Total Bases: 3,060
RBIs: 942
Runs Scored: 1,343
Stolen Bases: 815
Walks: 806
On Base Percentage: .390
Slugging Percentage: .515
OPS: .905

The Pirates were one of the CDBL�s best teams in the early and mid-�00s, and one of the major reasons was Kendall. While Pittsburgh was reaching the playoffs every year between 2002 and 2008, Kendall was establishing himself as perhaps the best top-of-the-order table setter in the game. He holds the CDBL�s career stolen base record by a wide margin (his closest competitor is more than 150 swipes behind him), and while not known for his power, Kendall was a threat to go deep at any time. Kendall�s three-year stretch between 2002 and 2004 is one of the more amazing runs in league history. In those three seasons, he hit .313, averaged 209 hits, 49 doubles, 27 homers, 109 RBIs, an astounding 167 runs scored and an even more ridiculous 101 stolen bases. The gap between Kendall and the rest of the catchers in CDBL history is wider than it is at any position in the league. Kendall is a sure-fire CDBL Hall of Famer.

Mike Piazza, (New York Mets 2000-2001; Cleveland Indians 2001-2002; Oakland Athletics 2002; Detroit Tigers 2003-2007)
Career Batting Average: .296
Hits: 1,325
Doubles: 205
Triples: 1
Home Runs: 322
Total Bases: 2,489
RBIs: 894
Runs Scored: 747
Stolen Bases: 14
Walks: 393
On Base Percentage: .352
Slugging Percentage: .558
OPS: .910

Piazza played only eight seasons in the CDBL, but he left a major mark, particularly during a three-year stretch in Detroit between 2003 and 2005 in which he hit 154 home runs and drove in 391 runs. He didn�t hit fewer than 34 home runs during any CDBL season until his last, and Piazza�s 2005 season {.322-59-139, 1.023 OPS} is one of the great single seasons in league history. He helped usher in the era that made the Tigers the most feared offensive team in the CDBL, and paved the way for future studs in that organization, including Vladimir Guerrero. His .558 career slugging percentage is one of the highest in league history. For the first decade of this league�s existence, there were precious few hitters more feared than Piazza. Mike was inducted into the CDBL Hall of Fame in 2008.

Notes on Catchers: The major question when rating catchers� performances in the CDBL was whether to put Mike Piazza or another former star, Ivan Rodriguez (a 2011 Hall of Fame inductee), on the list. Their numbers are very similar: .296 to .295 edge for Piazza in average, and a 333-322 home run advantage for Pudge. Rodriguez played two more seasons than Mike, and Piazza scored and drove in more runs, plus his OPS was significantly higher {.910 to Ivan�s .833}. In the end, Piazza was simply the more fearsome hitter, although Pudge definitely would get the edge behind the plate. While there have been very few real cornerstones at catcher over the years, the league does have a number of quality young catchers right now who could one day make the All-Time team, including the Indians� Alano Maldonado, Boston�s Toby Delamore and Cincinnati�s John Waller. The age of the dominant catcher in the CDBL appears to be in front of, not behind, us.

Starter: Carlos Delgado (Toronto Blue Jays, 2000; Cleveland Indians 2000-2001; Detroit Tigers 2001-2004; Baltimore Orioles 2005-2010)
Career Batting Average: .265
Hits: 1,581
Doubles: 333
Triples: 6
Home Runs: 449
Total Bases: 3,273
RBIs: 1,222
Runs Scored: 1,114
Stolen Bases: 46
Walks: 943
On Base Percentage: .366
Slugging Percentage: .551
OPS: .917

Inducted into the CDBL Hall of Fame in 2012, Delgado was one of the most prolific home run hitters in league history. His 449 dingers is top ten all-time in the league, as are his 1,222 RBIs. Delgado hit 40+ home runs every season from 2001 to 2007, and he never drove in fewer than 100 runs during that stretch or had an OPS under .900. Carlos was a model of consistency throughout his CDBL career, good for 30+ doubles, 45-50 home runs, 125 RBIs and 115 runs scored a season, as well as close to 100 walks. His detractors may point to the fact that Delgado never hit above .300 during any season, and he was consistently among the league leaders in strikeouts, but a guy who slugs .551 while playing on perennial contenders like the Tigers and Orioles (for whom he won a World Series in 2008) is doing something right.

Backup: Doug Crotty (Kansas City Royals 2001; Texas Rangers 2001; Toronto Blue Jays 2003-Present)
Career Batting Average: .288
Hits: 1,576
Doubles: 197
Triples: 18
Home Runs: 311
Total Bases: 2,742
RBIs: 1,055
Runs Scored: 930
Stolen Bases: 61
Walks: 741
On Base Percentage: .373
Slugging Percentage: .501
OPS: .874

Crotty is the rare member of this list who did not have an at-bat before the advent of the CDBL, and that gave him a bit of an edge over some of the other deserving first basemen. But Crotty has been an incredibly consistent player over the years, and at age 33 he has a chance to be recognized as one of the all-time greats in this league. Between 2004 and 2008 he played in all but eight of the Blue Jays� 810 games, averaging 38 homers and 117 RBIs a year. Other than his injury-shortened 2009 season, Crotty has never hit fewer than 30 home runs in a season, and for his career he�s walked more than he�s struck out, an incredible stat for a power hitter.

Backup: Earl Strauss (Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2001-2009; Houston Astros 2009-2010; Colorado Rockies 2011-2012; Texas Rangers 2012-Present)
Career Batting Average: .263
Hits: 1,679
Doubles: 319
Triples: 20
Home Runs: 473
Total Bases: 3,457
RBIs: 1,287
Runs Scored: 1,029
Stolen Bases: 76
Walks: 567
On Base Percentage: .324
Slugging Percentage: .542
OPS: .866

He strikes out a ton. His on-base percentage is below-average. He�s never truly been considered one of the best overall players in the CDBL. So why does Strauss get the nod here? He�s going to finish his career with 600+ home runs, be among the all-time CDBL leaders in homers, total bases and runs batted in, and since 2007 he�s never hit fewer than 45 home runs. His 2007 season, when he swatted 58 homers and drove in 150 with a slugging percentage of .578, is one of the best power seasons ever. Earl could be considered the Dave Kingman of the CDBL, although when the chips are down, he�s going to set the all-time CDBL home run record, and that earns him a spot on this team.

Notes on First Basemen: There were no fewer than four first basemen who got consideration for this list along with the three who were picked. Jeff Bagwell was a fantastic player who amassed a .425 on-base percentage and a .943 OPS, but he just didn�t play long enough. Mo Vaughn was a fearsome slugger who finished with 371 home runs, but he didn�t make the cut either. Sean Casey was a key contributor to a pair of championship teams in Cincinnati, but his overall stats, despite 1,823 career hits, don�t add up. Kevin Barker gets the award for guy who came out of nowhere to post great CDBL numbers despite a lackluster MLB career. And if Ricardo Sanchez of the Cards had a few more years under his belt, he would have garnered more serious consideration, and he�ll likely find a spot on this list in another decade. There have been a lot of great first basemen in the history of this league. These picks were difficult.

Starter: Steve Steiner (Chicago Cubs 2006-2011; Oakland Athletics 2011-2012)
Career Batting Average: .343
Hits: 1,398
Doubles: 155
Triples: 28
Home Runs: 246
Total Bases: 3,347
RBIs: 801
Runs Scored: 894
Stolen Bases: 151
Walks: 613
On Base Percentage: .429
Slugging Percentage: .576
OPS: 1.005

Steiner has only been in the CDBL for seven seasons, but he�s already establishing himself as one of the greatest players the league has ever seen. The 2008 National League MVP, Steiner owns the league�s second-highest career batting average at .343, and he�s averaged 35 homers, 128 runs scored and 117 RBIs a season for his entire career. In the 2009 playoffs with the Cubs, he batted .441 with four homers and 12 RBIs in eight games. He�s also averaged more than 20 steals a season, and has walked more than 100 more times than he�s whiffed in his career. Steiner is the only CDBL player to win both the Rookie of the Year Award and an MVP, and he�s been an All-Star starter every year since 2007. Before all is said and done, the standard for future second basemen in this league will have been set by Steve Steiner.

Backup: Edgardo Alfonso (New York Mets 2000-2005; Los Angeles Dodgers 2006-2009; Oakland Athletics 2010; Baltimore Orioles 2011)
Career Batting Average: .281
Hits: 1,958
Doubles: 417
Triples: 4
Home Runs: 311
Total Bases: 3,316
RBIs: 1,285
Runs Scored: 1,163
Stolen Bases: 144
Walks: 989
On Base Percentage: .371
Slugging Percentage: .476
OPS: .847

Alfonso�s selection as the All-Time team backup speaks more of his longevity, and the lack of truly special second basemen in this league�s history, than his dominance as a player. The 1,958 career hits is a great mark. Alfonso was also a doubles machine who put up surprising power numbers, including a 2003 season in which he hit 41 dingers with 136 RBIs for the Mets. Edgardo�s first three seasons in Los Angeles were also great, as he averaged 33 homers and 131 RBIs. He may not be a first-ballot Hall of Famer when he finally calls it a career, but before Steve Steiner came along, Alfonso set the standard for second basemen in this league.

Notes on Second Basemen: Frankly, there weren�t too many other players to consider for this position. When Luis Castillo and Pablo Ozuna are being given serious consideration, that says it all. Until Charlie Batkins gets a few more years under his belt, second base will remain a black hole in terms of the great players who�ve manned the position in the league�s history.

Up next, the the outfield...

Tom Manning
CDBL AL President


stats through sim 17
Batting Avg. Homeruns RBI's
A. Maldonado - CLE .388 E. Struss - TEX 55 S. Malloy - ANA 151
W. Robles - TOR .377 S. Malloy - ANA 52 E. Struss - TEX 150
F. Arruda - PHI .366 L. Perez - BAL 48 M. Campbell - DET 148
S. Melendez - SF .364 L. Pena - COL 47 A. Seyler - BAL 145
B. Coley - CHC .360 R. Coyle - MIL 45 C. Corso - ANA 143
Doubles Stolen Bases Wins
R. Luz - STL 68 I. Magohachi - BOS 99 J. Bergh - CLE 24
J. Dye - SEA 58 B. Shooter - ARI 94 S. Till - ANA 23
R. Valencia - TOR 56 C. Batkins - STL 94 R. Hayes - OAK 23
H. Martinez - CIN 53 H. Martinez - CIN 70 Andichochea - STL 21
R. Jones - CIN 52 J. Backholm - CLE 70 S. Spada - CLE 20
ERA Strikeouts Saves
Andichochea - STL 2.45 J. Bergh - CLE 272 R. Touchstone - STL 41
R. Hayes - OAK 2.54 G. Hoffman - SF 271 J. Landrum - ATL 37
K. Wood - FLA 2.88 J .Welke - NYM 270 B. Deering - SF 36
B. Danzig - STL 2.89 W. Tichenor - KC 262 R. Lake - SD 33
W. Quillen - PIT 2.91 K. Ainsworth - NYY 257 A. Cardenas - DET 31


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Sim Schedule
SUN - January 30th WS

American League

Week 24 Week 25
Jermaine Dye
Leon Perez
.429 BA - 10 RBI - 21 AB .577 BA - 10 RBI - 1.115 SLG - 26 AB

National League

Week 24 Week 25
Ricard Sanchez
Pablo Frese
.545 BA - .655 OBP - 6 RBI .450 BA - .500 OBP - 10 RBI

American League

Hitter - Sep Pitcher - Sep

Jermaine Dye

Pablo Carranza
Blue Jays

.339 BA - 6 HR - 26 RBI - 1.018 OPS - .642 SLG 3-0 W-L - 4 GS - 0.68 ERA - 26.1 IP - 25 K's

National League

Hitter - Sep Pitcher - Sep

Reggie Jones
Richard Ankiel
.361 BA - 11 HR - 33 RBI - 1.224 OPS - .824 SLG 1-2 W-L - 4 GS - 1.75 ERA - 25.2 IP - 26 K's

CDBL Prospect Watch Archive

SS - Chris Duet
RHP - Brady Edwards
RHP - Larry Sweeney



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