This is an image of a deteriorating clock surround on the Colorado County Courthouse, Texas, c. 1970s. Photo: NPS files.
Fitting Your Work to Time and Place
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Working on the Past in Local Historic Districts
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  This is an image of a hypothetical house built by Colonel Chrisfield in 1790. Drawing: Martha L. Werenfels, AIA.
Icon with the statement, 'no changes made to the house' = no changes made to the house
  Icon with the statement, 'additions or alterations made' = additions or alterations made
  Icon with the statement, 'weather makes changes to the house' = weather makes changes to the house

The Historical Model?"Chrisfield"
Note: The house and all names and dates in the historical model are fictitious. The house is large only to make a convincing point about loss and change over time, not to indicate "landmark" status. Most places change over time, irrespective of size, construction type, use, or ownership.

What the model shows
The historical model presented here as a learning tool illustrates how the same house changes in appearance over a 200-year period as new owners alter it or add to it. The house is also changed by uncontrollable environmental conditions, i.e., the weather.

>>See Chrisfield from 1790 to 1993


Four Approaches to Work for Chrisfield

NEXT, through a series of graphics, let's see what happens to Chrisfield when four hypothetical owners acquire it in 1994, each of whom has different plans for its use. By applying each of four work approaches, Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration, and Reconstruction, note the resulting differences in the appearance of the house and site, i.e., the “property” after work. These examples are intended to make broad, general points about the four work approaches. Other work scenarios could very well take place.

1 Preservation
2 Rehabilitation
3 Restoration
4 Reconstruction