Meadows Cemetery
Houston County AL

Subj: Cemeteries in Houston Co.

You can add another small family cemetery to the list for Houston Co. I haven't checked to see if this MIGHT be listed in Henry, since at least three of the dec'd died before the formation of Houston.

Enoch MEADOWS, b. 16 Nov 1809, SC - d. 29 Aug 1866 (Then Henry Co.)

Matilda STEPHENS MEADOWS, b. 31 May 1818, GA - d. 6 May 1894, (Then Henry Co.)

Elbert Byrd MEADOWS, b. 11 Jan 1846, Ashford, Henry Co. - d. 11 Jan 1847 (Then Henry)

Gerdi Sanford Callise Ann MEADOWS, b. 22 Sept 1855 - d. 1916

This Cemetery is under a large tree to the right of the Co-op on Cottonwood Rd, not far from the new bypass. It is located on the old MEADOWS "plantation."

Marjory Meadows Watts