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Posted on Fri, Sep. 13, 2002

Miami Chronology: 1960-1980

January 17 1961 Metro commission directs transit authority to buy three bus lines from Pawley for under $8 million.
February 3 1961 Three blacks seek admission to UM.
March 29 1961 A raid on a Miami Beach bookie operation in the Eden Roc hotel includes S&G Syndicate founder Jules Levitt among those arrested.
April 1 1961 Six black players with the Chicago White Sox, in town for an exhibition game, stay at the Biscayne Terrace Hotel in downtown Miami with the rest of the team: the first major Miami hotel to admit blacks.
April 17 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion 17-19.
May 1 1961 A National Airlines convair from Miami-Key West is hijacked to Cuba, first hijacking of a commercial plane TO Cuba.
May 5 1961 First space flight by an American astronaut, Alan Shepherd.
May 10 1961 Miami's Playboy Club International opens at 7701 Biscayne Boulevard.
June 10 1961 First black students accepted at University of Miami.
June 22 1961 Sunrise and Lauderdale Lakes incorporated.
July 2 1961 Ernest Hemingway committs suicide in Idaho.
July 4 1961 Dr. Von Mizell leads march from Sunland Park to Fort Lauderdale beach to protest segregation of beach facilities.
August 9 1961 First jetliner hijacked to Cuba, a Pan Am 707 from Mexico to Panama: future Herald staffer John Wolin and his family are aboard.
September 5 1961 Broward schools are desegregated with 15 elementary, 6 junior high, and 1 high school student entering schools.
December 2 1961 Fidel Castro announces he is a Communist.
December 29 1961 President Kennedy speaks to Bay of Pigs veterans at the Orange Bowl and promises their flag will return to Cuba.
February 18 1962 Dynamite explodes outside home of Herald editor Don Shoemaker, damaging the house and two others.
February 20 1962 Greater Miami population reaches 1 million.
February 20 1962 John Glenn orbits earth.
March 10 1962 New York Yankees play first spring training game at Fort Lauderdale stadium, beat Orioles 4-1.
July 10 1962 First transoceanic television program - satellite launched, Cape Canaveral.
October 1 1962 Dadeland Mall opens as an outdoor strip center with 58 tenants, including a Burdines department store.
October 14 1962 A U.S. U-2 spy jet enters Cuban air space to photograph Soviet missile bases.
October 16 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis 16-28.
October 22 1962 President John F. Kennedy announces in a nationwide TV broadcast that Soviet missiles are present in Cuba.
December 24 1962 Over 1000 Bay of Pigs prisoners are freed and returned to Miami.
February 12 1963 A Northwest Orient 720B crashes in the Everglades, killing 43 people.
March 23 1963 The Herald moves into its new building on Biscayne Bay over the 23d and 24th.
April 24 1963 PGA moves its national headquarters to Palm Beach Gardens.
May 17 1963 A bus loaded with farm workers is forced off road into the Hillsboro Canal near Belle Glade, killing at least 27 people including 12 children.
July 10 1963 Coral Springs, Parkland and North Lauderdale incorporated.
August 1 1963 Two gas station attendents are killed in Port St. Joe. Freddie Pitts and Wilbert Lee would be convicted and sentenced to death. Gene Miller would win Pulitzer for stories proving their innocence.
August 15 1963 Tamarac incorporated.
October 17 1963 A daily Broward "Peach" Edition is launched, first daily coverage of Broward County.
November 18 1963 JFK visits Miami for the last time and speaks at Inter-American Press Assn. Dinner in Bal Harbour.
November 22 1963 JFK assassinated.
November 25 1963 Bernie Kosar born.
February 13 1964 Beatles arrive in Miami.
February 16 1964 Beatles' second appearance on Ed Sullivan show from the Deauville Hotel.
February 25 1964 Muhammad Ali defeats Sonny Liston in Miami Beach.
March 31 1964 First Coconut Grove Festival (now Art Festival) opens, running through April 5.
July 2 1964 Jose Canseco born.
August 28 1964 "I have a dream" speech, Martin Luther King, in Washington D.C.
August 28 1964 Hurricane Cleo hits South Florida.
September 19 1964 "Flipper" TV show debuts, produced at Ivan Tors' studio in Miami.
December 13 1964 Ben Cohen, Miami Beach attorney who represented the S&G Syndicate during Kefauver hearings, is convicted of income tax evasion.
February 13 1965 A C46 cargo plane operated by Aerolineas El Salvador crashes into a Hialeah auto junkyard, kiliing the two crew members.
May 6 1965 Herald Latin American editor Al Burt and photographer Doug Kennedy are shot by Marines in Dominican Republic as they cover the revolution there.
August 16 1965 An NFL franchise is awarded to Joe Robbie and Danny Thomas.
September 8 1965 Hurricane Betsy hits South Florida; Collins Ave. and Biscayne Boulevard flooded; a barge severs Rickenbacker Causeway. 13 die.
September 28 1965 Castro opens doors for freedom flights.
October 8 1965 Joe Robbie announces his new football team will be called the Dolphins.
October 10 1965 Castro opens port of Camarioca, 5000 flee to Miami 10-Nov. 15.
October 25 1965 Disney corp. announces it will build Walt Disney World in central Florida.
November 14 1965 Cruise ship SS Yarmouth Castle burns en route to Nassau with 550 aboard; 90 die.
December 1 1965 Freedom Flights begin from Cuba.
December 12 1965 Haitian refugees land in Pompano Beach and are given asylum. (First Haitian refugees?)
February 4 1966 Athalie Range takes office as first black Miami City Commissioner.
March 5 1966 Candace Mossler and Melvin Lane Powers are acquitted in the murder of her millionaire husband, Jacques Mossler, in their Key Biscayne apartment.
April 11 1966 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. visits Miami; he speaks at a rally attended by 1,200 people.
July 30 1966 Miami Herald and Miami News begin joint operation after News leaves its Miami River building for 1 Herald Plaza, and ends its Sunday publication.
September 2 1966 Miami Dolphins play their first game, losing to Oakland, 23-14 in front of 26,776 fans in the Orange Bowl.
September 8 1966 John McMullan named executive editor of The Herald. He had started as city editor under executive city editor Al Neuharth in 1957.
October 16 1966 Dolphins win their first game, over Denver.
December 19 1966 MS Sunward I leaves Miami on a cruise to Nassau, launching Miami's cruise industry. Ted Arison is owner.
December 27 1966 Groundbreaking for Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft. Lauderdale.
February 19 1967 Coconut Creek incorporated.
March 6 1967 Singer Nelson Eddy dies in Miami.
April 11 1967 Lee Hills is elected president of Knight Newspapers.
May 31 1967 The Herald dedicates a new Broward bureau building on Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. It will contain news and business offices.
August 9 1967 Deion Sanders born in Ft. Myers.
August 16 1967 Knight Newspapers (KNI) goes public on NY Stock Exchange.
August 30 1967 Miami mayor Robert King High dies.
October 15 1967 First Tropic Magazine, Sunday rotogravure in Miami Herald.
October 31 1967 Vanilla Ice born in Miami.
October 31 1967 Tommy "The Enforcer" Altamura is gunned down at Place for Steak on 79th St. Causeway.
January 14 1968 First Super Bowl played in the Orange Bowl. (Green Bay defeats Raiders).
February 4 1968 Disturbance follows incident in which two white Miami officers arrest a black youth with a knife, strip him and dangle him from a bridge.
March 18 1968 North-South Expressway (I-95) opens between NW 2nd St. and SW 8th St., including new bridge across Miami River and completing route from downtown to U.S. 1.
April 4 1968 Martin Luther King assassinated.
May 6 1968 Herald publisher and Knight Newspapers' editorial chairman John S. Knight is awarded Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Editorial Writing for his "Notebook" column.
May 8 1968 Diocese of Miami elevated to an Archdiocese.
June 22 1968 Hugo Vihlen, of Homestead, comes within 25 miles of the Florida coast off Vero Beach, after crossing the Atlantic in the April Fool, a 6 ft.-long boat.
August 5 1968 Republican National Convention is held in Miami Beach thru 8th.
August 7 1968 Racial violence in Liberty City lasting until the 9th, as Republican National Convention meets in Miami Beach. 3 killed.
September 16 1968 Dr. Orlando Bosch fires a bazooka at a Polish freighter at Dodge Island.
November 15 1968 Bosch and 8 other exiles found guilty of bazooka attack on ship.
November 16 1968 Miami police chief Walter Headley dies.
December 15 1968 The Herald runs what may be the country's first Computer-assisted Reporting project, A Scientific Look at Dade Crime, by staff writer Clarence Jones, running through the 22nd.
December 17 1968 Heiress Barbara Mackle is kidnapped in Georgia. She would be buried in a box for 83 hours.
December 20 1968 Last section of north-south expressway (I-95) opens from NW 2nd St to NW 23d St, completing route through Dade County.
December 29 1968 Port of Miami's passenger terminal is dedicated.
January 7 1969 Miami News editor Bill Baggs dies at 48.
January 24 1969 Feeder ramps from downtown Miami to I-95 open.
March 1 1969 Jim Morrison of the Doors exposes himself at a concert at Dinner Key Auditorium.
March 1 1969 Jack "Murph the Surf" Murphy is sentenced to 45 years in Broward Court for the 1967 "Whiskey Creek" murders.
March 6 1969 Black Panther Anthony Bryant hijacks a National Airlines plane to Cuba.
June 23 1969 A Dominicana Airlines DC4 crashes into NW 36th St. trying to return to MIA; 10 killed.
July 20 1969 Moon landing.
August 16 1969 Woodstock music festival 16-18.
December 23 1969 Alvah Chapman is named president of Miami Herald Publishing Company.
January 3 1970 Edwarda O'Bara slips into a diabetic coma at age 16; her mother Kay would care for her for decades. Herald columnist Charles Whited would keep the O'Baras in the public eye until his death.
January 22 1970 In a hearing on segregation in Dade schools, federal judge Atkins orders all schools be integrated by Sept 1970.
April 14 1970 Two crewmen die when an Ecuadorean DC4 cargo plane crashes on takeoff at MIA.
April 22 1970 Miami celebrates the first national "Earth Day" with a teach-in at UM and a "Dead Orange Parade" on Biscayne Boulevard.
May 4 1970 Opa-Locka runaway Mary Vecchio is photographed at Kent State University in Ohio over body one of students shot by National Guard: 4 killed, 9 injured.
June 15 1970 "Rotten meat" riots in Miami 15-19.
June 16 1970 Brian Piccolo, former St. Thomas Aquinas and Chicago Bears football star, dies at 26.
October 28 1970 The Herald apologizes for inserting a line from a movie review into the TV listing for a speech by Richard Nixon at Miami Convention Hall: "Ghostly and menacing presence".
January 1 1971 Waste Management, Inc. is formed and goes public after Wayne Huizenga merges his Broward-based trash company with a Chicago company run by his cousin.
January 5 1971 Reubin Askew, of Miami, is inaugurated governor.
January 19 1971 President Nixon orders end of construction of Cross Florida Barge Canal.
February 28 1971 Jack Nicklaus wins the PGA Championship on the PGA East course in Palm Beach Gardens.
March 31 1971 Lt. William Calley, Miami native, is convicted of My Lai massacre in Vietnam.
April 21 1971 Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier dies; his son "Baby Doc" becomes new president of Haiti
October 1 1971 Walt Disney World opens.
December 25 1971 The Dolphins defeat the Chiefs 27-24 in the NFL's longest game.
January 6 1972 Miami's first Three Kings Day parade is held in Little Havana..
April 4 1972 Adam Clayton Powell dies in Miami.
June 17 1972 Four Miamians are among the five burglars arrested in the break-in at the Watergate complex in Washington D.C.
July 6 1972 Manolo Reboso appointed to Miami City Commission, first Cuban exile in that position.
July 10 1972 Democratic National Convention opens on Miami Beach.
August 21 1972 Republican National Convention is held in Miami Beach.
August 24 1972 Larry Jinks, managing editor, promoted to executive editor of The Herald. Senior managing editor George Beebe becomes associate publisher.
September 19 1972 First day of classes at the new Florida International University, built on old Tamiami Airport site.
October 20 1972 Renovated Olympia theater reopens as Gusman Philharmonic Hall.
November 7 1972 Voters approve Dade County's "Decade of Progress" bond issue, for $553 million.
November 7 1972 Meyer Lansky is arrested in Miami on charges of racketeering and tax evasion.
December 21 1972 Chris Evert turns pro on her 18th birthday.
December 29 1972 Eastern jet flight 401 crashes in Everglades, 101 people killed.
January 14 1973 Dolphins defeat Washington in Super Bowl in L.A., completing perfect season.
January 27 1973 Vietnam war cease fire ending U.S. combat role.
February 2 1973 Concord Cafeteria on Miami Beach is firebombed, 3 die.
February 21 1973 Arch Creek natural bridge collapses.
March 2 1973 First southern bald eagle born in captivity, Crandon Park Zoo.
April 6 1973 Miami Mayor David Kennedy, two judges and three others are indicted on corruption and bribery charges.
April 7 1973 Freedom Flights from Cuba end.
May 5 1973 UM is first college in US to offer athletic scholarship to women.
June 17 1973 A Smithsonian research submarine is trapped on the ocean floor off Key West; despite rescue attempts, two die, two survive.
June 21 1973 A cargo plane crashes in Everglades, killing 4.
July 10 1973 Bahamas Independence.
July 23 1973 Eddie Rickenbacker dies in Switzerland. He headed Eastern Airlines 1938-1963.
August 14 1973 Mayor Kennedy acquitted, others convicted on bribery charges in "Market Garden" case.
August 20 1973 A 16-year-old Sarasota girl is killed by an alligator, first known occurrence.
September 11 1973 Coup in Chile topples government; President Salvador Allende killed in Santiago.
September 19 1973 Alvah Chapman is elected president of Knight Newspapers.
October 25 1973 A DC6 charter plane runs out of fuel a minute away from MIA and lands in 3 feet of water off Dinner Key. Three crew members injured.
November 6 1973 Maurice Ferre elected first Hispanic mayor of Miami.
November 11 1973 International Fine Arts College student Dianne Dove becomes the first black princess named to the Orange Bowl queen's court in its 39-year history.
December 15 1973 DC7 Cargo plane taking off from MIA crashes on NW 30th St, killing 8.
January 13 1974 Dolphins win their second Super Bowl game, defeating Minnesota in Houston.
March 4 1974 Amy Billig, 17, disappears from her Coconut Grove home. She is never found.
June 25 1974 The U.S. Supreme Court, in Miami Herald Publishing Co. v. Tornillo, overturns Fla. Sup. Ct's ruling that newspapers must print a political candidate's reply to a paper's criticism.
August 5 1974 DEA administration building on NE 12th St collapses, killing 7 employees.
August 9 1974 Richard Nixon resigns.
October 27 1974 Miami News publisher James Cox Jr. dies in Miami.
November 30 1974 Knight Newspapers and Ridder Publications merge. New company is headquartered in Miami.
December 11 1974 Flamboyant defense attorney Harvey St. Jean is killed in parking lot of Lincoln Rd. Burdines.
December 20 1974 Arnold Zeleznik, 9, is killed at a Miami airport hotel by former mental patient Vernal Walford.
April 30 1975 Saigon falls, ending the war in Vietnam.
September 11 1975 Freddie Pitts and Wilbert Lee are pardoned by Gov. Reubin Askew. They are released 9/19.
October 31 1975 Rolando Masferrer, Cuban exile leader called "El Tigre" is killed when his car explodes outside his home.
December 13 1975 Last stretch of I-95 in Broward opens between Commercial and Atlantic Boulevards
March 30 1976 The Herald publishes a new Spanish language supplement called El Herald.
April 20 1976 Alvah Chapman elected chairman of Knight Ridder. Chairman Lee Hills named Chairman of Board and editorial chairman.
April 30 1976 Broadcaster Emilio Milian loses his legs when car bomb explodes in the parking lot outside WQBA studios.
July 28 1976 Johnny Roselli, 71, leaves Plantation home for the last time. 11 days later fishermen find his body stuffed in a drum in Dumfoundling Bay in North Dade. Roselli (Rosselli?) was involved in Chicago, LA and Las Vegas mobs, and in plot to kill Castro by CIA.
September 17 1976 Serial killer Robert Carr is sentenced to three consecutive life terms for the rape, kidnap and murder of three Dade youngsters and four other rapes.
September 21 1976 Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier and an aide are assassinated by a bomb in Washington DC; two Cuban exiles would be convicted, among others.
October 4 1976 John McMullan named executive editor of The Herald, replacing Larry Jinks (becomes editor in San Jose). It is second time for McMullan, who was editor in Philadelphia, then Knight Ridder VP.
January 18 1977 Dade County commission passes a human rights ordinance which protects against discrimination based on sexuality.
January 19 1977 Snow in Miami; Broward is also dusted, along with most of Florida.
January 20 1977 Miami temperature falls to 31, lowest ever. Citrus, vegetables, avocado trees killed.
April 5 1977 Former Cuban president Carlos Prio Socarras dies in Miami Beach.
June 7 1977 Dade voters repeal the human rights ordinance following an anti-gay rights campaign headed by Anita Bryant.
July 27 1977 Six men are killed and two others wounded in a Carol City home, Dade's worst mass murder to date, believed to be drug-related
August 16 1977 Elvis Presley dies.
September 1 1977 U.S. and Cuba open "Interest sections" in Havana and D.C.
September 3 1977 A six-year-old boy falls into the crocodile pit at Miami Serpentarium and is killed by "Cookie", a 12-ft-long crocodile. Serpentarium owner Bill Haast kills the croc the next day.
October 6 1977 Ronny Zamora, 15, of Miami, is convicted of murder despite the "TV intoxication" defense brought by his attorney Ellis Rubin.
January 1 1978 Don Shoemaker retires as Herald editor but will continue as an editorial columnist.
March 12 1978 The first Calle Ocho festival, Open House 8, is held in Little Havana. Over 100,000 people attend.
June 17 1978 Herald editor John Pennekamp dies at 80. He spent 66 years at The Herald and retired Jan 1, 1977.
August 1 1978 Edgerrin James is born in Immokalee.
November 7 1978 Miami Lakes' Bob Graham becomes governor of Florida.
November 19 1978 Jonestown Massacre.
January 8 1979 UM hires Howard Schnellenberger as football coach.
January 9 1979 An 11-yr-old black girl is picked up and molested by a white state trooper in Homestead. He would plead nolo in August and get probation; following federal indictment the next year, he flees.
February 7 1979 Rep. Gwen Cherry of Miami is killed in a car crash at FSU; first black woman in Florida legislature, first elected 1970.
February 12 1979 Metro police raid the home of a black teacher, Nathaniel Lafleur, and beat him and his son in a wrong-house raid.
May 25 1979 John Spenkelink is executed, first execution in Florida since Supreme Court restored the death penalty in 1976.
July 12 1979 Shootout by "Cocaine Cowboys" at Dadeland Mall; two shoppers killed, two liquor store employees injured.
July 17 1979 Anastasio Somoza flees Nicaragua for Miami.
July 31 1979 Ted Bundy is found guilty and sentenced to death for the murder of FSU sorority women and attempted murder of three others.
September 3 1979 Hurricane David skirts the coast of Southeast Florida.
December 18 1979 Arthur McDuffie is beaten and killed by several police officers in Miami after they chased him on his motorcycle.
December 27 1979 Jack Kofoed, a Herald columnist for 44 years, dies. His last column appeared May 31.
January 7 1980 Pan Am buys National Airlines.
January 13 1980 Air Florida jet crashes into the Potomac River on takeoff from Washington National Airport, killing 78.
January 30 1980 The sand dredge Cinco de Diciembre is hijacked from Varadero, Cuba. After a 32-hour voyage that ends in Miami Beach, 66 Cubans are granted asylum.
February 4 1980 Four members of the "Black Tuna" gang are convicted on charges of smuggling $300 million worth of marijuana.
February 7 1980 Ted Bundy is convicted in Miami of the murder of Kimberly Leach and sentenced to death.
February 23 1980 Dade schools superintendent Johnny Jones is indicted for using school funds to purchase gold plumbing fixtures for his Naples vacation home.
April 4 1980 Cubans seek asylum in Peruvian embassy in Havana 4-6. Castro opens port of Mariel.
April 21 1980 Mariel boatlift begins; first boats reach Key West.
April 30 1980 Johnny Jones is convicted of grand theft.
May 9 1980 Tampa Bay's Sunshine Skyway bridge collapses after being hit by a freighter; 35 die.
May 17 1980 Jury in Tampa acquits officers in death of Arthur McDuffie, followed by 3 days of riots in Miami; 18 killed.
May 20 1980 A former missile base on Krome Avenue is reopened as an INS detention center.
July 7 1980 The first 25-acre section of Metrozoo opens.
September 26 1980 Mariel boatlift ends.
November 4 1980 "English only" referendum passes in Dade County.
December 4 1980 School superintendant Johnny Jones is sentenced in the "gold plumbing caper". The sentence would be overturned in 1985.

Last Updated on 9/13/2002

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