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History is full of turning points: battles lost that could have been won, difficult decisions that could have gone either way, kings or presidents who died but could have lived, and so on. Alternate history is speculation, speculation about what might have been had things happened differently. History is full of forks in the road, and the world we live in is a result of the paths taken in the past. But it did not have to be that way.

Imagine a world where Rome never fell, where the Central Powers won the First World war, or where the Axis won the Second or a world where Carthage, the Confederacy or the Aztec Empire live on in the Twentieth Century. Worlds where the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci kicked off an Industrial Revolution during the Italian Renaissance, where the Black Death annihilated Europe altogether, or where China's emperors had sent their huge seafaring junks rounding the Cape to Europe or crossing the Pacific to America.

Of course America wouldn't be "America" in such a world, and that is what alternate history is all about: postulating what would the world be like if things had gone the other way. I have posted a few timelines here, recounting what I (or others) think would have, or at least could have, happened if history had been otherwise.  If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at

Timelines, Essays and So Forth

New (or New-ish, anyway)

Last Best Hope, v 2.0

Empty America

Parts 1-3

Parts 4-6

Parts 7-10a

Parts 11-15

Parts 16-22

Parts 23-

And, speaking of the Middle Ages, be sure to check out Faelin's

Prince of Peace

How the West Was Weird:

Parts 1-6

Parts 7-13

Parts 14-20

Parts 20-27

Parts 28-33

  Parts 34-39

Parts 40-45

Parts 46-51

Part 52 onward

Seventeen Short Scenes

(Partial Bibliography)

German Military Regime in the 1930s

Alternate American Civil Wars

Adam Keller

Great War: 1905

Expanded America

The Swedes Win at Poltava

Mattias Persson

The League of Nations

Ben Potash

A New WW1 Timeline:

The Second Concert of Europe

Concert of Europe (Episode 2)

John Curry

Touched With Fire

(an Age of Steam Short Story)

Doug Hoff

A New Lettow-Vorbeck Timeline:

East African Empire

Will Prout

*Newly Updated With Part 4*

Parts I and II

Part III

Part IV

My take on the South winning the American Civil War:

The Last Best Hope/The Approach of Danger

Doug Hoff

What could have happened if Napoleon did not invade Russia:

Napoleon Does Not Invade Russia

The apocalyptic consequences of the premature death of one of history's bloody tyrants:

Stalin Dies Before Coming to Power

Mike Reid

A very original timeline:

The Khanate of Khazaria

Ben Liff

As if things could be any worse:

Ireland Not Partitioned

Mike Ried

The history of a Latin American Superpower:

Brazillian Empire

Jesse Laughlin McMasters Brocksmith

The West is weird in:

Republic of Texas

Ben Liff

Things heat up in the 70's with:

The USSR-China Conflict

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