Our mission is to promote poetry and poets through technical workshops, improvisation cessions and contests. An independent panel of experts reviews poems on the following criteria: technical quality, flow and use of imagery. Winners compete for publication and for a prize of $5000. This is a free contest, open to all and based on merit.

Our 10 golden rules:
  • Show, don't tell
  • Do more with less
  • Exploit the senses
  • Be specific
  • Use memory
  • Create vivid imagery
  • Match sound with meaning
  • Start with basics - not rhyme
  • Use rhythm & line breaks
  • Compare with similes and metaphors

  • * Please also read articles below in "Advice on writing" and "How to get published" to improve your odds of getting published.
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    I hereby certify that I have written this poem and that as such, it reflects my own efforts and creativity. I understand that it might be published by Circleofpoets on the Internet or as part of a manuscript. The community of poets who use this website for self-expression will also be able to view and share my poem, always as my original work and under my own copyright in the various ways described on this website

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    Some feedback from our happy members:

    "I used Circle of Poets as a reference for all the great articles you have on writing and on how to get published. Then I participated in the contest…and won! The manuscript is great and always a joy to show to friends and family. Thank you!" John craig, Seattle

    "I have studied poetry in university and cannot emphasize how hard it is to make a living out of it. When I learned that you had selected "Lump sum" for publication, it re-energized me. All that hard work…The manuscript is great too and I proudly display it in my home for all to see!" Lisa Smith, Boston

    "A friend of mine referred me to you and I now regularly visit www.circleofpoets.com for the articles and to submit my poem entries. I have not won yet but my friend has and the manuscript is amazing! I cannot wait for my poem to be selected! You advised me to be more specific and to use more vivid imagery and so I will in my next entries." Francis Krepp, New York City
    "My membership has allowed me to expand my technical writing skills by interacting with other aspiring poets. Thank you for promoting poetry and for making all this possible!" - Lidia Boulva, San Francisco

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