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#314: back from vacation

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<news value= "dillinger " date= "06.23.03">

wow... i mean. holy shit. it's been over 3 months. i almost feel guilty about not updating. we've probably lost alot of fans. i didn't really benefit from not updating aside from having the extra few minutes each week that i would have wasted anyways. in retrospect, i shouldn't have stopped so suddenly and completely, but those feelings are somewhat mitigated by the pride i feel in the fact that i just broke scientific measurements for procrastination and laziness. for me, that was a feat to be that lazy, despite all the cries of fans and friends alike who kept telling me to update. so yeah... wow...

actually, though some of the reasons for the huge gap in updating (school, social life, and whatnot) haven't really been a stumbling block for me over the past few weeks, but the big one still is: writers block. well, i guess it's more like 'funny block' (which coincidentally is the only known karate move that involves a rubber chicken). i just can't think of anything funny when i go to update. i'm surprised that i managed to pull something out of my ass for this one, and even then it's not that original. but i figured i had to get something out there... the guilt became too much (plus i was getting orders to update from distant, crazy, yet loyal females currently thousands of kilometers to the east and west respectively. a guilt pincher attack). so yeah, it's about time. we'll see what happens as far as updates go (keep in mind next weekend is a four day weekend for me so i probably won't be home to update on sunday night, and i'm still ambivilant to going back to the 3 times a week update sched. sorry guys, that's the way it goes.

so you'd think that after 3 months, i'd have something to talk about, stories to tell and whatnot. sure i've been up to stuff (besides boring assed data entry full time). i (with some of my friends backing me up) almost got into a brawl with these other guys in guelph outside a bar, visited prae a couple times and had late night steak (and, no, that's not a coy euphamism for sex, you sicko's), a girl from work and i spent a couple days trying to find the respectiv tattoo we each wanted to get until i found out i couldn't get mine without (you know) dying, ran up a $120 bar tab with some friends after work (it was like slow-motion, people trying to stop me when i gave the bartender my credit card) and the tequila shots that night were... fun... but mostly, my past 3 months have consisted of sleep, work, eating, guitar playing, and tony hawk. though next week, my apartment will be adult free all week and i'll have a 4 day weekend with noting to do, so i'll be more desperate to do something... wait a minute... long weekend, empty choice toronto apartment, free beer in the fridge... an idea is brewing...

and of course there are a few semi-rants i could talk about. one is less of a rant, and more of a 'woohoo' to the fact that i saw a photo of a guy smoking weed outside toronto police headquarters and wasn't arrested. toronto is a weed safehaven now. and it's about freakin' time. the second is about gay marriage (which is now legal in ontario). reading the national post and their padre of reactionaries, i still haven't really found a convincing counter-argument to why gay marriage shouldn't be allowed? why the hell not? we live in a free country, and in a free country we need reasons to make things illegal, not to make them legal. you can't claim that marriage is a religious thing because the ruling affects only common law for the purposes of government recognition for administrative things like taxation (not to mention the fact that laws based on religion are effectively enforcing one group's morality on a minority - not to be had in a free country). this law does not mean that religions that don't allow gay marriages which is to say most of them, aside from the odd anglican ('cause we are quite the odd denomination) are forced to accept gay marriages. one would also look pretty silly claiming that this would erode the meaning of marriage because. as the reactionaries cite, only 3% of couples are homosexual, so would any rational person think a minority that small could erode the meaning of something as huge and ancient in our society as marriage. one also can't really claim that marriage is meant to produce children naturally because this would invalidate all the married couples who can't or don't want to have kids. and it's not like gay couples can't adopt (or get a surrogate mother) and raise kids in a stable home (which they could do even without the common law recognition). so someone tell me a good reason why it should be illegal? the only stumbling block to my logic that i can come up with is that if marriage isn't based on raising kids, then that would mean a brother and sister could get married no problem provided they didn't have kids (because there's an obvious reason to make that illegal). maybe the idea that incest is bad has been so ingrained in my head that i can't separate siblings getting married and siblings having kids, so if i can split that hair i'll have to accept that siblings getting married is okay (though weird). who knows. but other than that, someone give me something.

well i almost gave you what you wanted in a newspost: information about the happenings of my life, a rant, some humourous prose. the only thing missing is links, and for that you'll have to talk to prae - i've never been big on links. so that's it for now. i'll try to make it back in less than three months, but no promises. later kids.


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