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" Abwärts wend ich mich / zu der heiligen unaussprechlichen / geheimnissvollen Nacht.
Fernab liegt die Welt / in eine tiefe Gruft versenkt / wüst und einsam ist / ihre Stelle."

Novalis, alias Friedrich von Hardenberg (1772-1801)
Shadowseeds II are Thomas Karlsson (lyricist/responsible for the concepts behind Therion and founder of the magical order Dragon Rouge, at the present doctorate candidate of History of Religions at the university of Stockholm) and Tommie Eriksson (guitarist and drummer with Therion 1995-1999 appearing on the Vovin and Crowning of Atlantis albums).

Shadowseeds released their first album The Dream of Lilith in 1995 on Dark Age/Megarock Records. The album was hardly at all promoted by the label and it sinks with glorious inertia into an esoteric underground cult status.

Several labels contacted Shadowseeds, but Tommie’s involvement in Therion leads to a decision to let the project rest indefinitely.
In 1999 Tommie leaves Therion to pursue his own musical/literary projects. He also creates his own musical studio Der Bunker and in the same year composes the score for a series of movies by the famous Swedish writer Anna Bornstein. In 2001 Tommie releases his first book Mörk Magi (OP2002) in Sweden which presents a unique survey of the Left Hand Path tradition in occultism. The book is very well received and is now almost sold out. Thomas releases his revolutionary book about the runes, Uthark (OP2002), in both English and in German (Arun Verlag 2003). His new book Kabbala, Kliffot och den Goetiska Magin is out now in Swedish (English and German editions planned).
In 2002, after exactly seven years of silence, the project is resurrected.

Thomas writes a unique text about the 17:th century Swedish occultist Johannes Bureus which creates the basis for a live performance at the Ecstatic Society/Fylkingen in Stockholm together with acts like Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and Coph Nia.

In March 2003 Shadowseeds II perform at the Pandemonium Club in Gothenburg. And in 2004 the first release is out based on the live performances. The cd-r is called Der Mitternacht Löwe and the sleeve is designed into a limited edition envelope shaped cover that beautifully captures the old tradition of the concept. In the autumn of 2004 the cd-r is being sent out on a small scale to labels and friends.
Shadowseeds II will from now on continue to release material of their very own kind. The music will range widely from melancholy melodies to pure chaos and the acoustic/electric guitars will meet both classical instruments as well as analog sound waves. Thomas will build concepts of mystical beauty and intellectual glow.

The name Shadowseeds II emphasizes the project’s rebirth.


Der Mitternacht Löwe
The Falling Stone

Dream of Lilith
Kali's Moon
Dark Night of the Soul

Der Mitternacht Löwe
is available for 80:- SEK/10 €

Last updated October 20th 2004.