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Employees to be billed for personal Net use [+ 16 diggs]
Employees who surf the Net at work could receive a bill each month for the cost of borrowed bandwidth and wasted time if Australia-based Exinda Networks' URL- and bandwidth-monitoring system takes off.
[ category: technology | by: rebrad (9) | report ]

All Your Favorite Addicting games Plus 10x More!!! [+ 18 diggs]
If you have been to addictinggames.com and liked those games. This website has many more games neatly arranged in category. This website is a must have if you like playing FREE online games.
[ category: gaming | by: sader1264 (2) | report ]

50 Free sticker/decal offers! [+ 16 diggs]
As the title says...
[ category: deals | by: johkalhaups (30) | report ]

Absolutely Free .Tk Domain Name [+ 18 diggs]
To sign up for the free version all you need to do is go to dot.tk register a domain and select the free option.
[ category: deals | by: sammykrupa (1) | report2 comments ]

Fix the PS2 Disc Read Error [+ 25 diggs]
If your PS2 has stopped playing certain kinds of discs, there's a cheap way to fix it if your warranty has expired.
[ category: gaming | by: G4techTV (3) | report1 comments ]

Did an airplane strike the Pentagon on Sept. 11? [+ 48 diggs]
This flash video gives some interesting clues about what happened at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. I don't know whether or not to believe it, but it makes sense.
[ category: links | by: travis829 (1) | report19 comments ]

Student Logs Teachers Keystrokes and Tries to Sell Test Answers [+ 32 diggs]
A 16 year old sophomore in high school admitted to rigging a keystroke-recording device onto his teacher's computer after Fort Bend Independent School District police confronted him.
[ category: security | by: phore (2) | report3 comments ]

Jay Leno's Harley on eBay for Tsunami Victims [+ 23 diggs]
This Harley-Davidson, donated by Jay Leno, has been sitting on the Tonight Show set for over a week and has accumulated quite a large collection of autographs. Today is the last day to bid. 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross to aid with the Tsunami efforts. If you've got the means, please help out. If not, spread the word.
[ category: links | by: faceness007 (2) | report2 comments ]

Spammers 'Tricking ISPs' Into Sending Junk Mail [+ 20 diggs]
A massive spam spike is predicted, and one expert says that 'it's the beginning of the email meltdown'. Spam levels are about to skyrocket, according to experts who warned this week that spammers have developed a new way of delivering their wares.
[ category: security | by: canoba (7) | report1 comments ]

Wireless hacking with Snort [+ 44 diggs]
This paper is designed with as much detail as possible to help newbies easily install and configure Snort 1.8.6 on Windows 2000/XP.
[ category: security | by: thatch (5) | report ]

Hacking Techniques: Introduction to Password Cracking [+ 50 diggs]
This article describes some of the psychology behind an attacker's motivation and some of the low-tech and high-tech methods used to crack passwords.
[ category: links | by: bstack (1) | report1 comments ]

Have firefox running in the background! + Increased Speed [+ 51 diggs]
This extension will make firefox start as fast as IE. It will also allow you to quickly get firefox open with a single click in your system tray.
[ category: software | by: bharlie (1) | report5 comments ]

Use an illegal copy get your Pocket PC wiped clean [+ 30 diggs]
A Windows Mobile platform software writer is fighting back. He has added code to his software that if it detects an illegal license code, it will hard reset the device - wiping the entire machine clean. It will also wipe your SD card thats inserted. Harsh.
[ category: software | by: tommytrc (2) | report4 comments ]

Dual Booting Linux on a Mac [+ 30 diggs]
Want to increase your nix know how? This will show you how to setup a multi boot system with linux on a mac.
[ category: linux/unix | by: zero (1) | report ]

Xbox 2 could be unveiled in May [+ 42 diggs]
Details of the next generation of Microsoft's Xbox games console - codenamed Xenon - will most likely be unveiled in May, according to reports.
[ category: gaming | by: roosty (1) | report ]

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