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Terrorism In South Africa

The photos on this page are gruesome and hideous. However, these pictures reveal the terror that looms over White South Africans. Since the African National Conference took power in South Africa, crime and violence have run rampant. Cannibalism is on the rise. White Afrikaan farmers are the prefered targets of black gangs, black political militants, and black bandits.  According to well informed sources, the death of Nelson Mandela will trigger a massacre of the White population. Looking at these images, do you believe a slaughter of Whites is not in the future?

White Afrikaan Farmer, shot through the back of the head.

Another White farmer, burned alive and sexually mutilated.

An infant, wrapped in flammable material and burned alive. The child's family was murdered also.

This farmer was strangled and left to rot in his field. His body was discovered by his own family.

This boy, still wearing his school uniform, was strangled to death in his home.

She was a harmless grandmother.

Her family loved her.

The elderly, women, and children are butchered more often than men who might fight back.

(Murdered, eyes gouged out.)

This old fellow was mangled and dumped in his bathtub.

Some died in bed, though not peacefully. Unaware of their ghastly fate, these White South Africans no doubt believed they were safe in their homes. But they are not safe anywhere in the country their noble ancestors raised from brute wilderness. The brutes have returned...with a vengeance.

Today South Africa is less than 10% White. Someday, American Whites will be a minority. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!