Lipari, Salina, Filicudi, Alicudi, Vulcano, Stromboli and Panarea

Aeolian Genealogy

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Aeolian Genealogy
Here's a list of the most common surnames associated with each island and a description of my research interests.
Recent Deaths
Notice of recent deaths of Aeolians and those of Aeolian descent. 
Form Letters
Use these form letters when writing to Italy for Birth, Marriage, Death and Family Status Certificates.

Surname Noticeboard
Find out which Aeolian surnames others are researching.

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Canneto, Lipari - Used with Permission fom DLAtherton, c.2004


Come dicevano gli antichi....

Cu 'na mano ni lavamo l'autra e cu tutti i dui ni lavamo a faccia

Italian Proverbs

Read this collection of Italian proverbs or send in your favourite ones so they can be added to the growing list!


Where did the Original Aeolians come from?

Here's a growing list of some of the earliest pioneers to have arrived on the Aeolian islands.

Italian Occupations

Here's a list of those occupations you are likely to find on those Aeolian Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.



Recent Updates
Deaths                                                         Updated
  Vincenzo Virgona    d. Oct. 13, 2004 15/10/2004
  Felice Ficarra          d. Sept. 18, 2004 19/9/2004
  Terzita Tumminello   d. Sept. 12, 2004 19/9/2004
  Giuseppina D'Ambra d. Sept. 7, 2004 4/10/2004
  Mario Virgona          d. Aug. 4, 2004 8/8/2004

Surname Noticeboard                                  Updated
  DiFina 19/11/2004
  Natoli, La Greca, Picone + Lauricella 6/10/2004
  Basile 8/8/2004
  Famularo 24/7/2004

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