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New Books

Details of my latest book Picking the Bones.

Mainstream Publishing, April 2004.

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Historical Humour

A range of historical cartoons based on misprints and blunders. World-famous cartoonist Bill Stott and Young Cartoonist of the Year Matt Buck among others have contributed samples.

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Books to Download

Electronic versions of some books that are no longer in print anywhere,

Someone Had Blundered, The definitive historical survey of Military Incompetence.

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Historian Web Log

See my latest news, articles, and views at my new blog.

You can also find information about my appearance at the Edinburgh Festival.

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Latest Proposals

A book proposal is available for free download:

Heraclius (PDF)


find details of the reissues of all my famous Blunders books, Great Military Blunders, and the TV Series.

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