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Which Way to the Front.
I’ve had the pleasure of appearing with Jerry Lewis several times on TV and in motion pictures. The last time was in Warner Brothers’ “Which Way to the Front.” Jerry played a fictitious Nazi general and I was his adjutant. I couldn’t keep a straight face.

Three Stooges
I’m told only important people get caricatures like this, hung in Sardi’s, no less. I don’t feel any different, but who cares?
I did a film with the Three Stooges, called “Stop, Look and Laugh,” which has grossed $2 million dollars so far. It’s out in video and DVD.

Cameo Performances

Love Doctor
Radio City Music Hall
I play the “Love Doctor” in a series of commercials for Bubble-Up. I was playing the part of a sailor in Radio City Music Hall when I dropped by to see my old friend, Major Bowes.

Some Friends & Celebrities
Rocky Marciano
Howdy Doody
I clown around with Rocky Marciano, friend and then heavyweight champion of the world.
Jerry and I meet Howdy Doody Bob and Gabby Hayes. Buffalo Bob Smith had one of the great children’s shows. We often traded promotions.
Hy Gardner
Republic Films
At my left, Hy Gardner from the New York Post. In the top row, left, Jack Carter, a movie star. To his right, Johnny Johnston, another star. Above me, comedian Jan Murray, whose I introduced to body-building. To his right, Harry Ritz of the Ritz Brothers and, at the far right, Jerry Lester, who gave me a hard time when I moved to Hollywood. I got a part at Republic Films and got to hang around these cowpokes- William Boyd, the famous Hopalong Cassidy and his movie sidekick, Andy Clyde. Unfortunately, my scenes were cut in the film, which was about ice skating.

More Friends & Celebrities

The Lucy Show
Lemon Drop Kid
Lucy and I in one of the scenes from “The Lucy Show.” Not only was I her guest frequently, but she financed my animation process and gave me production facilities to work with. Visiting Bob Hope at Paramount Studios where he was shooting the “Lemon Drop Kid.”
Jack Klugman
Jack Klugman, part of our prime time ensemble, was always having to play a crook or a cop. He later became quite famous with Tony Randall, as TV’s Odd Couple. Tony is standing next to me.
Thomas Mitchell
Another extremely talented actor, Thomas Mitchell, and I, share a moment on the set.

Dramatic Roles
The Ten Commandments
Peter Lorre
Sir Cedric Hardwicke and me, in full character makeup. Sir Cedric was Charleton Heston’s father in the “The Ten Commandments
In fact, Peter Lorre was late for rehearsal and I was mad! But his performance was amazing!
Thomas Mitchell
Angela Lansbury was the first of Sherman’s guest stars and, boy, was I nervous! Thomas Mitchell and I were two bums who wind up in church in this great show.

More Dramatic Roles
Walter Slezak
I play an English janitor against Brian Aherne, who plays a recognized Shakespearean actor.
A great scene in a subway with Walter Slezak. As you can see, I had to wear a lot of faces to do this show. Look what they did to my nose!
Margaret Truman
Gene Lockheart
Margaret Truman plays a blind woman who defeats my cruel and murderous designs.
Gene Lockheart plays a sheriff who finally catches up with me.

Me & My Dummies
Stop Look & Laugh Jerry, Tessie, Henry and Knucklehead
In “Stop Look & Laugh,” Jerry had the measles and I was very worried.
Jerry, Tessie, Henry and Knucklehead descending order. I’mthe dummy on the right.


Circus Time
From a children’s TV game show called “RunRound.”
Wearing a Top Hat for Our Big Top Show, Circus Time.

A Walk on Hollywood Boulevard

Walk of Fame
This is probably the only time a guy is glad to be walked all over- again and again. I like my star on the Walk of Fame.

A Deck of Cards
Hollywood Chamber
My star got me a place in a deck of cards issued by the Hollywood Chamber.

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