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Kerio MailServer™ represents a new generation of mail servers designed for corporate networks. To help combat increasing security threats, Kerio MailServer™ offers a wide range of features to keep email from being intercepted, infected by computer viruses, or sent as spam.
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Release History for KMS 5.x

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed

  • Version 5.7.10 - June 7, 2004
    - fixed infinite recursion in parsing Caller ID records
    - fixed incorrect processing of CNAME and MX records in Caller ID check
    - fixed crash in DNS parser on malformed packet
    - fixed integer overflow in message size check in SMTP
    - fixed division by zero when processing empty message
    - fixed incorrect timeout in antibombing checks
    - fixed incorrect mapping of local hostname to domain of the same name
    - fixed crash in McAfee plugin on Mac on high load
    - fixed crash in AVG plugin for Linux on some messages
    - fixed incorrect license check in Avast plugin
    - fixed incorrect return code for archive files in SAVI plugin

  • Version 5.7.9 - April 22, 2004
    - fixed bug in MIME parser that caused antivirus check failure
    - fixed crash when processing headers with Japanese encodings
    - fixed crash when processing mailing list message with invalid header encoding
    - fixed problem with import from Active Directory
    - fixed incorrect behavior of antibombing limits
    - fixed POP3 server to be compliant with standard

  • Version 5.7.8 - April 5, 2004
    + Caller ID support
    - Fixed race condition in Webmail under heavy load

  • Version 5.7.7 - March 16, 2004
    * New version of McAfee engine
    - Fixed buffer overflow in spam filter
    - Fixed problem with stripping viruses and prohibited attachments
    - Fixed bug in fax reception

  • Version 5.7.6 - February 3, 2004

    - Fixed Incorrect behavior of Sieve rules for filtering spam

    If user had a rule with condition If the message was marked as spam by the server spam filter, the condition always evaluated to true. The behavior is correct now.

    - Fixed NTLM authentication on Windows
    NTLM authentication on Windows didn't work in most cases due to incorrect BASE64 encoding of the authentication tokens.

  • Version 5.7.5 - January 28, 2004
    This version was removed due to a serious error.
    If you have already installed this version, we recommend to return back to 5.7.4.

    * New version of SpamEliminator engine
    This version includes version 2.61 of the engine, together with bugfix in the Bayes filter database handling. The success rate should be much higher now.

    * More robust DNS resolver
    The engine could crash when the DNS resolver received an incorrectly formatted DNS reply. This bug is now fixed by better checking for invalid values in the packet.

    + Wildcard POP3 sorting rules can be entered in Administration Console
    If a user wants to sort all messages to some domain to be delivered to one mailbox, he can enter rule in form *

    + User account is locked after failed login only for given IP address
    If user fails to enter his password too many times, his account is locked. This locking happens per client IP address now - only the attacker IP address is disabled.

    - Hyperlinks in mail messages are correctly displayed in Webmail
    The '>' character is not a valid part of URL and it is now treated as terminating character of URL.

    * Discontinued support of AVG 6
    From now on, only AVG 7 Email Server Edition is supported by the AVG antivirus plugin. No other versions of AVG are supported.
    For detailed information regarding the AVG antivirus please refer to

    + Antivirus plugin for AVG on Linux
    Antivirus plugin for AVG Linux Email Server Editon is available in the Linux package.

    - Automatically included message footers are correctly inserted to HTML messages
    The line breaks and special characters are correctly inserted to HTML parts of processed messages.

    - Message filter editor in Webmail works in Safari browser
    The message filter and notification editor in Webmail works correctly with the Safari 1.1 browser in Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).

    - Fixed bugs in domains settings in Administration Console
    Domain names with invalid characters cannot be entered in Administration Console. Domain list displays a popup menu on right mouse button click.

  • Version 5.7.4 - December 18, 2003
    - Fixed crash of engine while manually removing messages from queue
    - Fixed crash of Administration Console while displaying statistics
    - Fixed settings of debug log in Administration Console on Mac OS X and Linux
    - Fixed behavior of checkboxes in list views of Administration Console on Mac OS X and Linux
    + Delivery timeouts setting for fax messages
    + Fax plugin supports disabling number prefixes
    - Fixed problem with resolving fax ID/number
    * More robust modem communication in fax plugin
    + Debug logging of AVG antivirus plugin
    + Sendmail-like command line utility for Mac OS X

  • Version 5.7.3 - December 2, 2003
    * Better and more flexible support for spammer IP address databases
    + Anonymous access to public contact folders via LDAP protocol
    - Fixed problem with multiple incoming SMTP connections - replies to ETRN command
    + KMS Service Monitor for Mac OS X
    + Support for Avast! antivirus
    * New update server in McAfee antivirus plugin (
    - Fixed memory leaks in SpamEliminator module
    * New version of SpamEliminator engine
    - Administration Console bugfixes in Mac OS X
    - Administration Console bugfix in Windows 98
    + User-defined text in new subscriber's welcome message to mailing list
    + Groups with spaces in name in folder access rights
    - Fixed problem with incorrect tracking of licensed users
    * Better behavior of aliases with wildcard characters
    * Increased limit for size of autoreply text
    - Fixed problems with Kerberos and PAM authentication on Linux
    * Fax modems can be selected for sending only or receiving only
    * Email address for faxes can contain dots
    + Analog fax modems can run a user initialization command
    * Fax email address can contain a "+"
    - Fixed possible problem with fax modem hangup

  • Version 5.7.2 - October 7, 2003
    + Dutch translation of Administration Console
    - fixed bad address syntax error in fax plugin
    - fax plugin is installed by default

  • Version 5.7.1 - September 26, 2003
    - fixed non-working NTLM authentication on Windows
    - fixed crash on anti-virus selection in Administration Console of non-Mcafee version

  • Version 5.7.0 - September 26, 2003
    + fax plugin
    - correct charset encoding in mailing list messages
    * SMTP server accepts addresses that begin with #
    - fixed SpamEliminator crash on Linux and Mac
    - LDAP server works correctly with Entourage on Mac
    - fixed stack overflow in MIME parser
    - fixed socket timeouts on Mac OS X
    - improved RFC compliance of POP3 server

    Kerio FaxSender:
    + fax printer driver for Windows

    Changes in Active Directory Extensions:
    + new schema attributes and GUI for cluster mode
    - fixed problems on Windows Server 2003

  • Version 5.6.8 - August 28, 2003
    - SASL authentication in POP3 server counts correctly licensed users
    - fixed debug logging of SMTP
    - don't stop POP3 download if one message cannot be downloaded
    - fixed application of message count limits in POP3 download
    - partially fixed SpamEliminator crash on Linux and Mac
    - correct name for the eTrust Antivirus plugin

  • Version 5.6.7 - August 18, 2003
    - fixed authentication of users imported from WinRoute Pro 4.1

  • Version 5.6.6 - August 15, 2003
    + added CA eTrust antivirus plugin for Linux
    * fixed bad results in mail folder search
    * fixed bug in AVG plugin that didn't catch some viruses
    * fixed typos in Webmail pages
    * fixed checking empty subject in mailing list without subject prefix
    - improved URL highlighting in Webmail
    * signature is not inserted multiple times when saving draft in Webmail
    * handle correctly the situation when dialup connection is hanged by another process
    * fixed crash in adding footer to HTML mail
    * don't lose mail body when a mail header is too long
    - improved debug logging of SMTP and LDAP servers
    - working password change in Windows
    * fixed bad timezone shift while copying IMAP messages
    * fixed week number computing in backup

    Changes in Outlook Express Extensions:

    * fixed bug in downloading/uploading long Sieve scripts
    * fixed bug with incorrect ACLs in some cases

  • Version 5.6.5 - July 4, 2003
    - fixed problem where users could not login when account lockout was disabled
    - fixed crash during incorrect login into Admin Console
    - fixed McAfee update over proxy that didn't work with some servers
    - fixed expiration of McAfee antivirus subscription
    - fixed delivery of message with multiple recipients to a forward domain
    * messages delivered to forward domain are considered as outgoing in backup
    * Webmail filter rules editor work correctly with Mozilla 1.3 and newer

  • Version 5.6.4 - June 19, 2003
    - fixed buffer overflow in folder management code
    - fixed XSS vulnerabilites in Webmail

  • Version 5.6.3 - June 16, 2003
    * updated SpamEliminator module ( engine version 2.54)
    * updated McAfee antivirus engine (4.2.60)
    * fixed security problems in remote administration
    * fixed buffer overflows in MIME parser
    * better performance on MacOS X
    * improved Administration Console
    * secure services start on Windows NT 4.0
    * MacOS X McAfee uses McAfee SDK now, not Virex

    Changes in Kerio FaxServer (version 1.0.0)
    + large improvements in user interface
    + printer driver for Windows NT/2000/XP

  • Version 5.6.2 - April 23, 2003
    * new SpamAsssassin engine (2.53)
    * more flexible antispam rules
    * improved usability of many Admin dialogs
    + support for POP3 before SMTP authentication
    * new McAfee antivirus engine
    + support for Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine

    Changes in Kerio Outlook Express Extensions
    * New version of OpenSSL DLLs (ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll)
    * OpenSSL DLLs was moved into Windows' System32 folder
    + Run Time library version number in Help->About Kerio... dialog

  • Version 5.6.1 - April 2, 2003
    + spam filter can change message subject
    - Admin can set spam threshold bigger that 5.0
    * added explaining texts to spam filter dialogs in Admin
    - when adding footers to messages, make sure all lines end with CRLF
    - working log rotation

    Changes in Kerio Outlook Express Extensions
    - fixed bugs in antispam rule editor

  • Version 5.6.0 - March 25, 2003
    + SpamAssassin spam filter
    * improved spam header filter
    + flexible actions in spam filter
    + inserting footers (disclaimers) to outgoing mail
    + Apple OpenDirectory support
    * improved directory services configuration
    * improved and more flexible mail routing (forwarding)
    + directory harvest attack protection in SMTP server
    * improved backup configuration
    * queue can be triggered by new message on offline (RAS) connection
    * advanced SSL certificate management
    + delivery status notifications (DSN) support
    + new message composition settings in Webmail
    * improved contact browsing in Webmail
    + log rotation
    + searching in logs
    + configuration wizard for Macintosh
    - fixed bug in DIGEST-MD5 and CRAM-MD5 authentication
    - accept passwords with spaces in POP3 PASS command
    - fixed security problems in Sieve filter
    * more options in domain forwarding
    + pie charts in statistics
    - fixed saving draft messages in Webmail
    * improved directory service settings
    + creating and deleting mailboxes for directory service users

  • Version 5.5.1 - January 21, 2003
    + sorting messages and contacts in Webmail
    + IMAP server extension for server-side sort
    + monitoring of free space on disk and stopping the server if disk is full
    + alerts for administrator in case of problems with full disk or expired license
    + IMAP server extension for metadata storage - ANNOTATE
    + opening messages in new window in Webmail
    + user can be restricted from changing password and other settings in Webmail
    + extended user statistics in admin
    * more robust mail delivery to backup MX servers
    * Active Directory integration uses only activated user groups
    - fixed international character encoding in mailing list messages
    - fixed bugs in moderated mailing lists
    - fixed security bug in DIGEST-MD5 authentication
    - fixed internationalization of Webmail filter editor
    - fixed problems with long address lists in Webmail filter editor
    - fixed crash in MIME parser (long encoded file names)
    - fixed problems with editing long mail messages in Webmail
    - fixed errors in informational messages from header filter
    - fixed APOP authentication
    - fixed problems with license import
    - fixed Admin localization
    - fixed accidental deletion of users in Active Directory
    - fixed security problems in Sieve filter
    * more options in domain forwarding
    + pie charts in statistics
    - fixed saving draft messages in Webmail
    * improved directory service settings
    + creating and deleting mailboxes for directory service users

  • Version 5.5.0 - November 26, 2002
    + Public and Private contacts (addressbook) through Webmail
    + Secure LDAP server for contacts search
    + Outlook Express synchronization agent
    + Active directory integration through LDAP
    + Moderated mailing lists
    + Public and shared folder mapping through IMAP
    + Antivirus plugin for CA Innoculate
    * Improved configuration wizard
    * Elegant aliases and forwarding addresses
    * Configurable report language for each mailing list
    * Configuration wizard working on RedHat Linux 8.0
    * Optional deletion of duplicate messages in POP3 download
    * Shared address books
    * Detection of encrypted attachments for Sophos antivirus
    - Correct handling of messages with empty subjects in webmail
    - Fixed crashes in DNS resolver
    - Fixed bugs in Sieve script parser
    - Fixed bugs in OpenSSL (0.9.6g)
    - Fixed ETRN download

  • 5.1.8 - November 8, 2002
    - fixed bug in MIME parser that prevents detection of virus I-Worm.Bridex

  • 5.1.7 - October 22, 2002
    - many bugfixes that were backported from beta versions of 5.5

  • 5.1.6 - August 22, 2002
    + support for Windows-1255 (Hebrew) code page in Webmail
    - fixed crash while reading message in Webmail
    - fixed problems with opening folders

  • 5.1.5 - August 8, 2002
    + antispam message filter checks multiple instances of the same header, e.g. Received
    + saving attachments with localized filenames works correctly in Webmail
    - fixed bug in deleting old messages from a POP3 server
    - fixed bug in configuration wizard when changing the store directory
    - Linux admin doesn't use the system Qt library in RedHat 7.3

  • 5.1.4 - July 30, 2002
    - fixed problem with dialing RAS lines
    - fixed incompatibilities with IMAP standard
    - server with expired license can start and allow new license import

  • 5.1.3 - July 17, 2002
    + customizable server error reports
    + support for Windows performance counters
    * don't dial RAS line when queue is empty
    * POP3 download ignores duplicate messages
    * POP3 sorting rules accept more rules for one address
    * correct display of statistics for users from all domains
    - fixed bug in IMAP protocol
    - fixed localization of Sieve sorting rules editor
    - fixed problems with nested IP address groups

  • 5.1.2 - June 24, 2002
    - fixed security problem in WAPmail
    - fixed antivirus configuration dialog in Admin

  • 5.1.1 - June 10, 2002
    + Dutch localization
    + admin displays McAfee virus database version
    + Webmail enhancements:
    • customizable CSS stylesheet
    • signature for outgoing messages
    • Unicode support
    • can select all messages in list
    • fixed problems with international folder names
    • sending attachments ignores nonexistent files
    • fixed problems with cookies (coexistence with IIS)
    + SMTP server abuse protection - antibombing
    + loop prevention for notifications and auto replies
    + RAS initialization problem doesn't freeze the server
    + cache for DNS records
    + display of quota usage in Admin
    + statistics of user connections (count, last access)
    + configurable backup directory
    - fixed bug with McAfee version in Windows 9x (AV engine failed to load)
    - fixed bug in ordering of attachment filters

  • 5.1.0 - April 12, 2002
    + French localization
    + support for Windows XP themes in Admin (new Qt library)
    + configuration wizard in installation
    + new settings of mail store directories
    + new antivirus settings with startup test
    + statistics of server load
    + non-delivery reason displayed in mail queue
    + special version with integrated McAfee antivirus engine
    * variables $from$ and $from-name$ in notification text
    * robust decoding of BASE64 attachments for antivirus check
    * attempt to set invalid license doesn't reset the old one
    * error in chart data file doesn't prevent the server to start
    * stopped support of Kaspersky antivirus
    - fixed bug in attachment filter rules order
    - fixed instability of antivirus check in Linux

  • 5.0.5 - February 19, 2002
    + graphical statistics of server load
    + more detailed error messages for problems during startup
    + possibility to disable displaying picture attachments automatically in WebMail
    + SMTP server now accepts addresses without destination domain
    + ETRN timeout on dialed RAS lines
    + WRIMPORT.EXE can import from WinRoute 4.2
    * functional wildcard aliases (* -> *
    - fixed buffer overflow when parsing email addresses
    - fixed issues with certain 8-bit characters in messages
    - fixed bug in security policies (authentication to SMTP server)

  • 5.0.4a - January 30, 2002
    + antivirus control of uuencode attachments
    - fixed bug in delivery tasks
    - fixed memory leaks in WebMail

  • 5.0.4 - January 29, 2002
    + import users from Active Directory
    + Administration Console displays delivery tasks
    * upgrade does not overwrite generated SSL cetificate
    * attachment filter checks uuencode attachments
    - fixed memory leaks in Administration Console
    - fixed issue with RAS on Windows 98/NT
    - fixed freezing connection during POP3 download
    - fixed security issues in access rights of folders

  • 5.0.3 - January 17, 2002
    + import of POP3 account and sorting rules settings from WinRoute 4.1
    + access to backup folders in Webmail
    + displaying and setting message priority in WebMail
    * address groups with special characters (/-) now work
    * SMS notification with empty From address now works
    * SSL now works from browsers supporting 40-bit enryption
    * several bugs fixed with SSL access to WebMail/WAPMail
    * Linux version is independent of system OpenSSL libraries
    - mistakes corrected in the administration console
    - fixed bug with POP3 and SMTP on slow lines
    - fixed AVG conflict during actualization

  • 5.0.2 - December 6, 2001
    - fixed bug causing instability under heavy load
    - SMTP server now accepts messages with invalid line endings (only CR or only LF)
    - a 4 digit PIN is now used for accessing the WAPmail
    - fixed small bugs in the Administration Console
    - fixed problems with security policies

  • 5.0.1 - November 26, 2001
    - users with read-only rights cannot start or stop services
    - fixed bug with server not working correctly with extremely long folder names
    - group rights now work correctly
    - configurable server action in case anti-virus check fails (message cannot be checked)
    - messages can be manually removed from queue or sent immediately
    - optimized usage of SSL library
    - fixed bug in POP3 sorting rules
    - configurable security policies for access from different IP addresses (forced secure login or crypted channel)
    - changing passwords now works
    - embedded IP addresses now work
    - aliases imported from WinRoute 4.1 (using WRIMPORT utility) now work correctly

  • 5.0.0 - November 19, 2001
    - final version

  • 5.0 beta 3a - October 26, 2001
    - several minor bug fixes
    - utility available for importing users from WinRoute 4.1 (wrimport.exe)

  • 5.0 beta 3 - October 23, 2001
    - SSL support for retrieving mail from remote POP3 accounts
    - bug fixed causing Engine crash during NTLM initialization

  • 5.0 beta 2 - October 12, 2001
    - global filter (at the mailserver) - filtering according to attachment names and MIME types
    - authentization using NT domain or PAM service (Linux only)
    - better WAP interface

  • 5.0 beta 1 - October 8, 2001
    - completely new multi-platform administration console based on Qt library
    - re-worked multi-domain support
    - import users from NT domain
    - dangerous attachment filter (by name or MIME typ)
    - support for several new anti-virus packages

  • 5.0 alpha 7 - August 1, 2001
    - fixed bugs in MIME parser and SMTP server
    - automatic answer (part of user profile)
    - SMS notification (part of user profile)

  • 5.0 alpha 6 - July 9, 2001
    - support for multiple independent domains
    - removing virus-infected and/or dangerous attachments
    - WAPmail

  • 5.0 alpha 5 - June 22, 2001
    - Outlook-like filter editor in Webmail
    - user quotes
    - mailbox/login referrals in IMAP
    - sending mails to relay server immediately (not dependent on scheduler)
    - sending ETRN to more than one server independent on relay server

  • 5.0 alpha 4 - May 30, 2001
    - new filter editor in WebMail
    - IMAP UIDPLUS extension
    - doesn't add admin user at every startup anymore
    - functional images links in Webmail
    - antivirus plugins now available for NOD32 and AVP

  • 5.0 alpha 3 - May 21, 2001
    - Linux PowerPC version (SuSE 7.1 PowerPC edition)
    - better POP3 sorting: configurable headers for Received, X-Envelope-To, etc.
    - advanced status codes for SMTP (according to RFC 2034)
    - secure (CRAM-MD5) authentization to SMTP
    - wrong settings in aliases doesn't cause mails getting lost
    - access to services is checked according to IP address
    - SMTP client always closes used sockets
    - corrections in saving files via GenCert utility
    - corrections in administration interface
    - administration interface shows changed, new and deleted items before confirmation

  • 5.0 alpha 2 - May 2, 2001
    - DNS resolver closes all used sockets properly
    - engine monitor (on systray) works well now
    - problems with Windows 98 solved
    - changing password via Web interface
    - problems with services starting solved, better configuration
    - server will start even if NTLM authentization is not available
    - problem with loading and saving the default configuration solved

  • 5.0 alpha 1 - April 25, 2001
    - first public test version
    - full-featured SMTP server
    - access to mail via IMAP4, POP3 and WebMail
    - SSL support for all services
    - sorting mail at the server
    - antivirus check on the server (AVG)
    - support for online spam databases

  • New features in Kerio Mail Server 5.0 (not all features are yet implemented in the latest alpha version)
    - full support for IMAP4 including filtering messages at the server, public and shared folders, searching facilities
    - checking emails for viruses, filtering and deleting dangerous attachments (.exe, .com, .vbs, etc.)
    - full-featured SMTP server - sending e-mail messages according to mx records, possibility to use provider's relay SMTP server prevails
    - web interface enabling full access to an account at the mail server from anywhere on the Internet
    - secured access via crypted SSL connection using webmail, imap, smtp or pop3
    - backup of received and sent messages to a specific directory configurable by users; backup accessible via web interface
    - anti-spam check, blocking outgoing mail using free spam-server databases (ORBS, MAPS) or by own definition or own spam-server list
    - secure authentication in SMTP (client to TMS, TMS to relay mailserver)
    - sorting rules on the server, defining what to do with incoming mail (notification via a short text message to a mobile phone, automatic reply...)

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