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The Beginninning
The birth of a travesty, and an assload of foreshadowing.
Time and Space Adventures [writing still in progress]
The one with a million timestream fuckups and celebrity cameos.
Crystal Lake! Sex, Anyone?
The introduction of Amber.
Cell is NOT the killer!
Super RFU World [writing still in progress]
Mamma Mia! Old-school RFU goodness!
The Council of Elders
A day in the life of the greatest celebrities the world has to offer.
The Harvard Adventure
Weasel finds love. Bryllin becomes a prodigy. Hitzer gets his learn on. And shit gets blowed up.
When Worlds Collide...More So.
The final battle? Not if these corporate whores have anything to say about it.
The Replacements
A shameless ripoff of South Park and Clerks to clean up the mess from When Worlds Collide.
Anarchy Waltz
A three-part segue into Asmodeus. Be warned, it doesn't feature any of the main characters. Just so you know.
It's the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine. Mainly because I'm dead.)
What, Like The Back Of A Volkswagen?
The pointless and yet still amusing chick fight episode.
RFU Gear Solid 2: Chums of Liberty
Our critically acclaimed parody of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
Little Continuity Busters
A shameless ripoff of Exiles and a prelude to Deadites...
RFUnit! [writing still in progress]
It's good when other people write scripts. Especially when they're funnier than most of the crap I pump out.
Charade: An RFU Tale [writing still in progress]
Majin Portman - - 'Nuff Said!
The Quest For New Content
It's funny cuz' it's true...
The Age of Bryllin [writing still in progress]  Updated 9-19-2004
Enter Now...The Age of Bryllin!
Public Service Announcement #1 
Yarr, piracy be a deadly mistress...
Public Service Announcement #2 
The dangers of fanfiction...

Weekly shorts by Impulsive
Impulsive Short #1
Impulsive Short #2
Impulsive Short #3
Impulsive Short #4 - The Rox Effect (Part One of Two)
Impulsive Short #5 - The Rox Effect (Part Two of Two)
Impulsive Short #6 - The Rox Effect (Part Three of Two)
Impulsive Short #7 New!

Fan-Submitted Scripts
Dude, Where's My Crappile? - By Truec
Danger! Return of a Dangerous Enemy - By Chrono

Other RFU Stuff
RFU: The Webcomic - Episode One
RFU Sprite Comics

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