The Sophia Center
(Sophia n.[Gk, Sophia] wisdom)

The Sophia Center is an interfaith forum open to all who are interested in exploring modern culture to discover the religious possibilities within its secularism and individualism. The Sophia Center springs from a belief that communities of ordinary people should engage collective imagination, conversation, and reflection in assessing the context folder of their individual lives.

For many people, to be genuinely contemporary is to be secular; whether in the scientific, political, cultural, educational or personal dimensions of life, a truly contemporary consciousness is thought to have no significant connection to the historical or modern forms of western religious traditions. While many people believe there is a spiritual dimension to their lives, they often explicitly reject any reference to religious traditions or institutions. This situation raises fascinating questions for people whose professional life or cultural interests involve them deeply in contemporary culture, but who are interested in, or committed to, living their lives within a religious tradition — Christianity, Judaism or Islam.

We cannot return to classical religious cultures, but we can bring together culture and the religious traditions in the hope of sparking creative questions, of exploring challenges one to the other, of uncovering resources within contemporary culture that can embody and deepen life within a religious tradition. How this exploration of the religious possibilities of modern culture might take place is the focus of the Sophia Center — bringing together individuals from the scientific, technical, political, cultural, and educational communities to explore this question in the context of their own lives.

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Rev. Robert S. Smith, Director, The Sophia Center
P.O. Box 525, Huntington, NY 11743
Tel: (631) 425-6114