Ruby Eye for the Python Guy

Or girl.

The ruby-talk mailing list (AKA comp.lang.ruby) has developed something of a permathread concerning Ruby and Python. Sometimes it starts as an innocent request from someone just starting out, looking for a good solid language. Other times, it's a not-so-subtle troll. Either way, the discussions tend to be the same, with similar comments and comparisons.

Rather than encourage a semi-regular rehash of the topic, this page attempts to collect pointers to most of the known web pages and list archives covering the subject. It does not include all possible links, because a) some of them are flame wars, childish, or simple wrong; b) I haven't the time to go and verify every link I've discovered using brute Googling; and c) being a Rubyist I tend not to keep up on how Ruby is presented in the Pythonista camp. But, despite the page title, these links are (hopefully) not too one-sided, though it is unlikely to be completely impartial. If you have a link you believe should be included, please send it to and I'll include it. (Unless, of course, it's a flame war or childish or simply wrong).

Oh, and about the page title: it's a play on the title of this USA television show, whereby a group of men, with (presumably) better taste and style, attempt to improve the lot of someone "aesthetically challenged."

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