General things to know before connecting your computer to the Internet

The big day has finally arrived, you have a computer! You set it up and get it ready to go. Now it's time to set up an internet account. don't just stroll in and buy one like you do a new pair of shoes! There are many to choose from, the bigger ones that cover many areas, such as MSN, AOL and so forth, to the smaller, privately owned ISP (internet Service Provider) companies. ISPs usually give you the necessary software (and in some cases hardware) and set up your account usually offering you a variety of packages varying in price depending on your selection. Packages range from a minimum amount of time you can spend online monthly without paying extra charges to an unlimited amount of time which means you can be on as long as you want whenever you want. Most also provide an email account with the possibility of adding one or more users on the account. It's important to be sure there is a local access number so you won't be charged long distance charges each time you dial up.

You should also enquire about the availability of tech support. Some have techs that are only available a certain part of the day...others have tech support available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

There are three main ways of accessing the internet; dial up, which uses your phone line and lets your modem dial an access number and then you log on per your providers instructions. Cable, which is similiar to the cable which brings the channels to your tv but instead brings information to your computer and DSL, which uses your phone line but doesn't interrupt your phone service since the line only carries data over the line. Cable and DSL require the addition of a special modem which carries the service to your computer. Enquire about the availability of each of these and see which one better suits your needs.

The Internet. It has the power to bring the world to your fingertips. In fact the www in urls stands for World Wide Web. Using the internet you can access information on any subject and reach any part of the world. Have a hard time finding the answer to a question that seems to have no readily available you have the means to get that answer!

It's educational, it's fun, it can be addicting...for further information on how to have fun without getting into the pitfalls that come long with anything that we involve our lives in...check out the links on our site that define and explain how to get the most out of your new world wide connection in the safe manner that you deserve and should you run into any difficulties feel free to contact us at the addresses provided on the site.

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