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 GAO Report

The United States General Accounting Office's (GAO) Report to the Ranking Minority Member, Committe on Government Reform, House of Representatives, Report GAO-01-536, June 2001

EPA's Science Advisory Board Panels Improved Policies
and Procedures Needed to Ensure Independence and Balance

Report Abstract

This report reviews the policies and procedures of the Environmental Protection Agency's Science Advisory Board to ensure that

  • its peer review panelists are independent and the panels are properly balanced and
  • the public is sufficiently informed about the points of view represented on the panels.

GAO found that the policies and procedures used by the staff office to ensure the independence of the Board's peer reviewers and the balancing of viewpoints have limitations that reduce their effectiveness. The staff office has not systematically requested certain information that is pertinent to assessing the independence and overall balance of viewpoints represented on the panel--such as previous public positions the panelists have taken on the matter being reviewed--until the first meeting, when the panelists have already been selected. Furthermore, conflicts of interest may not be identified and mitigated in a timely manner.

GAO also found that the staff office's policies and procedures for providing the public with information on the backgrounds of the Board's peer review panelists do not adequately inform the public about the points of view represented on the panels.

To read the full report log onto and search for GAO Report GAO-01-536, in the Report Search Box.



Government and Other Reports


As an organization and as part of a grassroots movement, we've been able to succeed because of our working principle of mutual aid and support.

The American People's Dioxin Report and Behind Closed Doors reports are a perfect examples of how CHEJ and the movement it supports work.

Many scientist, activists, leaders, and researchers contributed to these reports by writing, reviewing and helping to define its direction. We want to thank and acknowledge each and every contribution.


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