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- Most Recent Projects -
  • The Incredible$ - An overview of the massive marketing/merchandising push associated with the new Pixar Movie.
  • Amazon Light 4.0 - Based on Amazon Webservices release 4.0, this adds wishlist searching and ties into a number of other web apps.
  • Virtual Exhibit - Some of my work from nowords.org hung in the digital galleries of Cloud King
- Major/Popular Projects -

Amazon.com Webservices ProjectsAmazon.com Webservices
The MegaPenny ProjectThe MegaPenny Project Have you ever wondered what a billion pennies would look like? This award-winning exercise in visualizing huge numbers might help. People regularly talk about millions of miles, billions of bytes, or trillions of dollars, yet it's still hard to grasp just how much a "billion" really is.

Seattle Waterfront, 2002-1907Seattle Waterfront 2002-1907 Two panoramic photographs of the waterfront of Seattle, Washington, taken from the same vantage point - 95 years apart

MegaFaunaMegaFauna A List of Remarkable Prehistoric Animals - From the Mammoth to the Sabretooth to bizarre Chalicotheres - a collection of 30 large, extinct, prehistoric mammals.

Luciferous LogolepsyLuciferous Logolepsy Over 9,000 obscure words - dragged into the light of day.

Journeys to LunaTo the Moon Our Journeys to Luna (and Back): Did you know that Men have attempted over 100 Missions to the Moon to date? Do you know who launched the most missions? What Earth Creature was the first to reach the Moon? With a new emphasis on Lunar Exploration - it's a good idea to let our History on the Moon be our Teacher

Mars Stereo ImagesMars Stereo Imagery Stereo Images from Mars presented as space-for-time animations, (either slow or fast). Images from Pathfinder in 1997.

Amateur Armchair DetectiveAmateur Armchair Detective Grab Bag

Nowords.orgnowords.org The name of the site speaks for itself.

Nowords 365nowords.org 365 A Wordless Blog

300 Miles High300 Miles High Take in the beauty of our planet, shown in 100 images taken from high in orbit.

Preserving the French Republican CalendarPreserving the French Republican Calendar
- Writing -

Books Articles/Essays
- Webtoys/Widgets/DHTML -

Toys/Widgets (IE4+ on Win32) VRML 3D Projects (very old)
  • International Space Station (on MSNBC.com), or here [1997] - need VRML plugin. One of the most fun projects I've ever worked on, unfortunately it's written in a rather dead language.
  • Raven Stories (VRML) [1996-98] need VRML plugin. Native American tales animated in 3D on the web.
- Online History / Mini-portfolio -

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