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Polarity Reflex Analysis & Nutritional Assessment

  • "Diagnostic and therapeutic techniques must be simple yet comprehensive,
        dealing with the total man in terms of his physical aspects".
  • "Kinesiological systems must be simple and compact in structure and design,
        and conform to the principles of the energy fields wherin it is meant to

  • PRANA. What's in a name?

    Prana is referred to in Indian Sanskrit as vital energy in and of itself, a basic unit from which all life is made. Prana is the life energy that performs respiration, oxygenation and circulation. There are two types of PRANA., Vital PRANA. and Nutrient PRANA. This vival force of life, flows from the universal energy which is the essence of all matter. Thus Air - Water - Plants - and other Foods - Metals - Stones and Gems - Essential Oils - and Sound are the outer manifestations of certain forms of energy and these materials contain Pranic energy reservoirs that may be drawn upon for healing purposes.


    In 1988 PRANA. came into being. PRA, as it was first called began as a nutritional/kinesiological program which progressed into today's multi-dimensional energy assessment program within two years. PRANA. is taught and practiced throughout Europe and the United States. To accommodate the student more completely it became clear that additional information needed to be provided especially in the areas of nutrition - homeopathy - and other subtle remedies as well as more in-depth information about kinesiology. This brought about the inclusion of our correspondence component to PRANA.
    Since the foundation of PRANA., many students from the United States and other countries worldwide have successfully completed their studies, attained their certification and are using the program with great success in their practices today.

    Prana Course and Modules

    Gateways College PRANA. courses are based on supervised home study programs, workshop training programs with nationally and internationally recognized teachers as well as supervised case study programs.

    Prana Certification Course:
    Is 905+ hours consisting of training in kinesiology, nutritional reflexes, nutrition, homeoplathy, herbology, flower exxences, gem essences, chakras, subtle bodies, acupuncture energy points, allergy testing and allergy desensitizing, and seven gateway energy balancing and acupunture theory and points.

    Students of Gateways College and graduates of the PRANA. energy medicine program earn more than a diploma, they earn a skill which allows them to be able to intimately assess the energy field of their client, which then allows them to more accurately recommend the best possible programs for both the prevention and treatment of disease. Utilizing the energy field to trace the cause of the disease or problem, allows the client to take full responsibility for the health and healing.

    PRANA. is recognized and accredited, meeting professional standards of many organizations and professional bodies, including The International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK). The American Association of Specialized Kinesiologists, The California Naturopathic Association CEU's.

    PRANA. Cerification Course.

    Gateways College offers a comprehensive kinesiological home study course, a hands on workshop program, and case study program. This leads to the certificate which entitles the holder to use the initials SK (Specialized Kinesiologist) if they become a professional member of IASK., or the title of Certified PRANA Practitioner

    The course is designed for students at all levels of knowledge and experience in nutrition - herbology - homeopathy - kinesiology - including physicians, osteopaths, dentists, veterinatians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, physical therapists, nurses, nutritionists, homeopaths, herbologists or other health professionals and applicants with a good general education and a commitment to energy medicine. And entrance exam is required for all students.

    The certification course is comprised of over 496+ Hours Independent and Home Study Correspondence Course, 136 Hours of Weekend Seminars, 25 Hours of Supervised Practice, 32 Hours of Supervised Clinic and 221 Hours of Case Study work. The duration of the course is between 24 to 36 months. As the student works at home at their own pace, many complete the course in less than that time, many take longer. Your tutor will advise you as to what pace is best for you.

    Course Program

    The course is comprised of of 17 written lessons, 2 Friday evening and full day Saturday and Sunday workshops, 8 Saturday and Sunday workshops, and is supplemented with audio and videotapes, which may be retained by the student. There is an exam at the end of each module which the student completes at home. The final proctored written practical and oral exam will be taken at a designated time and location.


    Successful students are awarded a diploma from Gateways College and are entitled to refer to themselves as a Certified P.R.A.N.A. Kinesiology Practitioner. These students are also eligible for professional status with IASK which allows them to use the initials SK.


    There are 8 Modules, each Module contains:
    Correspondance - $110
    Seminar & Manual - $252.50
    Practice - $37.50
    Supervised Clinic - $50
    Total: $450

    Total cost for all eight modules including exams $3,750.00

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