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International Policy Network (IPN) works in partnership with organisations around the world, to coordinate efforts on global policy issues. The following is a geographical list of our partner organisations, denoted by the image
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Institute of Public Policy Analysis
Location: 6, Majolate Street, Hakeem House Onipanu - Lagos Nigeria


Inter-Region Economic Network
Location: Nairobi Kenya


Free Market Foundation
Location: Johannesburg / Cape Town South Africa
The Free Market Foundation is an independent policy research and education organisation founded in 1975 to promote the principles of limited government, economic freedom and individual liberty.

Africa Fighting Malaria
Location: Sandton 2146 South Africa


Africa Freedom Network
The Africa Freedom Network is a pan-African network of likeminded individuals who espouse the values of personal freedom, the rule of law, property rights, democratic values and institutions, and market economies. Membership in the network is open to people from all walks of life, who are conversant and intersted in the virtues, principles, practice and challenge of establishing and maintaining free societies in Africa.

Africa Resource Bank
The Africa Resource Bank aims at promoting trade in Africa by facilitating Continental & International linkages as a strategy to spur productivity. Through networking & dialogue at both informal & non-governmental level, we hope to open to open up our individual countries for trade & make possible for individual Africans to solve their problems.

Bazaar Chintan
Location: New Delhi India
Bazaar Chintan (Hindi for "Ideas Market") is a think tank comprising eminent economists working on ideas that free society. Bazaar Chintan publishes a working paper series, conducts workshops, researches issues of contemporary interest and organizes seminars and discussions on India's political economy.

European Science and Environment Forum
Location: Cambridge UK


Foundation for Democracy in Africa
The Foundation for Democracy in Africa is a Washington -based non-profit, nonpartisan organization. The mission of the Foundation is to implement the principles of culturally based democratic government within the African society, bringing the countries of Africa into the mainstream of the global economy through free enterprise, thus cultivating the pathway for peace and prosperity from resulting economic opportunity.

Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis
Location: Nairobi Kenya
KIPPRA is an autonomous Public institute whose primary mission is to conduct public policy research and analysis leading to policy advice to government and private sector.

Australia and Asia
Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions
Location: India
SRISTI is a non-governmental organisation setup to strengthen the creativity of grassroots inventors, innovators and ecopreneurs engaged in conserving biodiversity and developing eco-friendly solutions to local problems.

Action Research Community Health
Location: Mangrol, Gujarat India
ARCH-Vahini is a Gujarat-based health NGO, located in Mangrol, on the banks of the Narmada River.

Institute of Public Affairs
Location: Melbourne Australia
The Institute of Public Affairs promotes an understanding and appreciation of the free society and free enterprise and advances the interests of the Australian people.

Making Our Economy Right
Location: Dhaka Bangladesh

Liberty Institute
Location: New Delhi New Delhi India
Liberty Institute promotes awareness and appreciation of the four institutional pillars of a free society -- individual rights, the rule of law, limited government, and free markets.

Centre for Civil Society
Location: New Delhi India
The Centre for Civil Society is a non-profit organisation that promotes economic, cultural and social independence from the Indian state
Location: has been established to provide balance to debate about trade, globalization, development and sustainable development. Globalization and trade have become a leading focus of critical attention by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) over the last five years. Criticism has, however, become increasingly anti-trade and anti-growth. And, consequently, their solutions to problems rely excessively on governments and regulation. Developing countries cannot improve the condition of their people, or their environment, unless they can trade and secure growth. will make the case for market-based approaches.

Institute of Economic Affairs
Location: 2 Lord North Street London UK


Open Republic Insitute
Location: Dublin Ireland
The Open Republic Institute proposes open-markets, individual freedom, voluntary action, religion and the rule of law as the means to make Ireland and other countries better places to live and work.

Association for Liberal Thinking (Liberal D�ş�nce Dergisi)
Location: G.M.K. Bulvarı, 108/17 Ankara Turkey


Center for New Europe
Location: Rue de Luxembourg 23 Brussels Belgium


Location: Sveav�gen 133 Stockholm Sweden
Eudoxa's mission is to understand, explain, and integrate knowledge. Through intellectual production, analysis, lectures, and educational seminars Eudoxa can offer its partners an integrated view of their surroundings in order to better understand trends of today and tomorrow. In its activities Eudoxa also strives to promote openess to confront experimentation, innovation and decentralization, through a dynamist ideology. Eudoxa is not tied to a specific political party, instead we search for new angles from a dynamist perspective.

Location: Stockholm Sweden
A free-market think tank in Sweden which advances a reform agenda based on the principles of individual liberty, economic freedom, and an open society.

Latin America
Centro de Divulgacion del Conocimiento Economico
Location: Caracas Venezuela
"CEDICE" es una asociaci�n civil sin fines de lucro, cuyo objetivo central es la divulgaci�n del pensamiento econ�mico y pol�tico que otorga prioridad a la libre acci�n de la iniciativa individual y al an�lisis de la organizaci�n y las condiciones que permitan la existencia de sociedades libres.

Fundacion DL
Location: Calle 25 Norte 5 A - 43 Of 202 Cali Colombia
FDL furthers the understanding of free market economics and its links to political liberty, especially applying these concepts to Colombian situation.

Centro Interdisciplinar de Etica e Economia Personalista
Location: Rua Humaita 282, apt 405 bloco 1, Humaita Rio de Janeiro Brazil
The CIEEP is focused in educate the public on Personalistic Economics principles and its applications. Its aim is to promote individual and economic freedom, founded in human dignity and judeo-christian values.

Libertad y Desarrollo
Location: Santiago Chile
Libertad y Desarrollo is a private research and study center -a think tank-, independent of any political, religious, business and governmental affiliations. The institute is dedicated to the analysis of public policies and to promoting the values and principles of a free society.

El Instituto Libertad y Desarrollo es un centro de estudios e investigaci�n privado, independiente de todo grupo pol�tico, religioso, empresarial y gubernamental que se dedica al an�lisis de los asuntos p�blicos promoviendo los valores y principios de una sociedad libre.

Fundacion Libertad Democracia y Desarrollo
Location: Santa Cruz Bolivia
A nonprofit organization which carries out economic studies and analysis, promoting free enterprise and private property, freedom, democracy and development of Bolivia. una instituci�n sin fines de lucro que dirige sus actividades a la realizaci�n de estudios y an�lisis socioecon�micos que, propugnando los principios de la libre iniciativa y la propiedad privada, consoliden en libertad, la democracia y el desarrollo del pa�s.

Instituto de Libre Empresa
Location: Lima Peru
ILE is a non-profit private organization dedicated to train, research and difusse ideas on entrepreneurial freedom; making public policy proposals and organizing foras and seminars in order to improve understanding on entrepreneurship role in order to build a free, virtuous and productive society in Peru. La Asociaci�n Civil "Instituto de Libre Empresa" es un centro de pensamiento, capacitaci�n y difusor de ideas, fundado por economistas que comparten el objetivo de hacer p�blico los valores y virtudes de la libertad empresarial, con el prop�sito de mejorar el entendimiento en la opini�n p�blica acerca del papel de los emprendedores en la construcci�n de una sociedad pr�spera, libre y virtuosa.

North America
Montreal Economic Institute / lL�Institut �conomique de Montr�al
Location: Montreal, Quebec Canada
The Montreal Economic Institute (MEI) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan research and educational institute. It endeavours to promote an economic approach to the study of public policy issues. The MEI's mission is to propose original and innovative solutions for the crafting of efficient public policies, using successful reforms applied elsewhere as models. The MEI studies how markets function with the aim of identifying the mechanisms and institutions which foster the prosperity and long-term welfare of all the individuals which make up our society.

Cordell Hull Institute
Location: Washington DC USA
The Cordell Hull Institute is being established to promote independent analysis and public discussion of issues in international economic relations, focusing primarily on trade, com-petition and investment policies. It is a non-profit organization, based in Washington, DC.

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Agencia Interamericana de Prensa Economica
"AIPE sirve a peri�dicos en espa�ol en E.U. y Am�rica Latina. M�s de 500 economistas, analistas pol�ticos, periodistas, historiadores y abogados colaboran con la agencia, la cual se especializa en la interpretaci�n y an�lisis de los acontecimientos econ�micos y pol�ticos de la regi�n, informando al lector de peri�dicos c�mo los titulares lo afectan a �l, a su familia y a su bolsillo."
An African newsfeed service

Antony Fisher Memorial Award
The Sir Antony Fisher International Memorial Awards recognize the institutes that published a book, report, monograph, or study that, in the opinion of the judges, made the greatest contribution to public understanding of the free economy.

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Post and view upcoming think tank events around the world.

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Atlas Health and Welfare Program
The mission of the Atlas Health & Welfare Program is to encourage and facilitate think tank work on health and welfare issues.

Atomz Search Engine
An excellent search engine that can be customized to your own website, and is offered free to nonprofit organisations.

Calendar of international conferences in Geneva

El Cato
Cato Institute website, articles and publications in Spanish
"the world's most comprehensive source of information on liberty"

Heritage Insider
The Heritage Foundation's guide to what's happening in the world of free-market economics, with articles by think tank leaders across the world.

Interview with Lawrence Reed, Mackinac Center for Public Policy
"Kabissa uses technology to strengthen organisations working to improve the lives of people in Africa."

List of diplomatic representations to the UN office in Geneva

Meetings and special events / UN
Calendar of meetings and special events of special interest to NGOs who are accredited with the UN
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Events for network partners

Wednesday October 22, 2003
2003 Bastiat Prize Ceremony
On 22 October 2003, IPN awarded $10,000 in prize money to the winner(s) at a dinner in New York City, where Steve Forbes, President and CEO, Forbes Inc, was the keynote speaker.

organised by IPN
New York City,

Wednesday January 15, 2003
Launch of the Africa Freedom Network
The Africa Freedom Network is a newly formed, pan-African network of likeminded individuals who espouse the liberal values of personal freedom, the rule of law, property rights, democratic values & institutions, and market economies. Membership in the network is open to people from all walks of life who are committed to establishing and maintaining the virtues, principles, and practice of free societies in Africa. The Network will be launched to coincide with the AGOA meetings in Mauritius during 13-17 January, 2003. On Wednesday, 15 January, a cocktail party will be held in Moka - the location will be confirmed, please check the Africa Freedom Network website for more details -- A workshop to discuss the prospects of freedom for Africa will be held on Thursday, 16 January, at the Indira Ghandi Centre (at the Civil Society/NGO Forum) at a time to be advised. RSVP to Richard Tren, +27-82-921-1081, or email

organised by Africa Freedom Network
Moka, Mauritius

Saturday October 05, 2002
Workshop: How to run a think tank
A workshop for people who work in think tanks aimed at broadening understanding and sharing ideas about effective public policy work, particularly as to how these experiences can be adapted in developing countries.

organised by International Policy Network
location: Centre for Policy Studies, 57 Tufton Street
London, UK

Friday October 04, 2002
Frederic Bastiat Prize Ceremony
The winner of the Frederic Bastiat Prize will be announced at this dinner on Friday, 4 October, in London. For more information please contact us,

organised by International Policy Network
London, UK