Hi My name is Bali and I am a 17 yr old bullock, dromedary camel. Which means I am a one hump desert camel. My ancestors originated from Arabia, so over 1000's of years we have  adapted well to living in desert conditions.  Here are a few reasons that we camels are so unique.
I have large eye's with thick eye lashes and brow's  
our eye brows, help to shade my eye's from the hot summer sun, and my long eye lashes also help to keep dirt and sand from my eye's.

We like to eat all kinds of vegetation. We eat alot of thorny hard desert plants. We also love fruit and vegetables. Our mouths are large. We have a hard bone like gum on our top jaw and this helps us to grind down the food that we eat. Later we regurgitate any undigested food and chew it again in cud form. We can survive well in drought conditions, by eating just about anything we can find, including bones. A bull camel will grow two top teeth on either side of the mouth, while a cow will only grow one set.  As a bull camel grows older, one of the top teeth on either side also will. They can become alot like fangs.

My feet are also well equipped for desert conditions. We have two nails on each foot and our foot is a soft leather like pad, it is not hard like a horses. When we walk our foot squashes out under our weight and this helps us to walk easier across sand it also help my heart to pump blood around my body, by the way the way our feet expand and contract when touch the ground. We also cause less impact to our environment than what a hard footed animal would, because of our pad being soft. 

Our hump is where our body stores fat, and not water. We can live from our hump when conditions are bad. When we have a big hump it means that we are carrying a lot of fat. Our humps can become so big that is makes it difficult for us to stand up when we have been sitting down. When our humps are small and depleted they can drop to one side.
We grow thick wool in the winter months. It is usually more thick around our shoulders and hump, the hair also grows long under our chins. We malt our winter coat every year. Our coats in Silverton usually start to malt in October, and then we have to be brushed until it has all come away. Our summer coat is a little lighter in colour than our winter coat and is very smooth. 


We camel can survive, many days without any food or water. We can raise our body temperature, so that on hot summer days we wont begin to sweat until the temperature reaches 43o Celsius, this is another way that we save on water consumption. Although very adapt to surviving without water, if it is available, to us, we will drink many times a day. and some of us can drink up to 100 litre's in one sitting.